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Re: No!

Hi, CC,

The entire essence of Seconded, CC. ….. with the British Inventive Spirit hereby Being Betatested BetaTesting. Yes? No? you have misinterpreted to a surprising degree, for rather than disagreeing with your view, it surely would recognise and support your concerns about the present systemic and endemic difficulties which be responsible for ongoing expanding problems. A closer rereading of that which has been said should evidence that. Failing that though, please be advised that it be so.

Dominic Cummings, whom you might think would know a thing or two about politicians and their true worth, tells it like it is in a recent Aug 22 post on his Substack blog entitled … Afghanistan SNAFU (situation normal all fucked up): ‘normal’ politics,’normal’ results
The PM destroyed his own grip of Whitehall/Treasury & accidentally provoked discussions about the assembly of his own firing squad…Why the government does not control the government… … which you would normally have to subscribe to, to read. Sometimes though it can appear and be read for free.

It makes for a jolly good read which reinforces all of your views and the notion that it is tall tales that lead events for the masses to consume and presume be an unchangeable reality rather than realise it be simply something else altogether quite different and infinitely variable, if one knows what need to be done and how to do it …… which a very select few most certainly do.

However, one has to accept it is not for everyone as has been told to us many times by more than just this one beautifully manic voice ……. It’s a Big Club and You Ain’t In It! The American Dream …… now realising itself as a Relentless Nightmare as sensitive information and greater intelligence is more wwwidely shared freely for all to understand the nature of their existence and the levers used to effect its future direction and preferred and approved destinations ‽ .

IT’s a Mad, Rad, Bad, Sad World and aint that the gospel truth but it is not extremely difficult to change it fundamentally at speeds which are astounding. And should the intellectual property necessary for that be hard core British, how would that not be an added bonus increasing value?



amanfromMars [2108231334] ….. notes on https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/futures-rise-jackson-hole-looms-dollar-slides-bitcoin-surges

The cards are marked, the tables rigged, and in the great awakening – there are no customers.

Quite so. Buying debt whether sold as a bond or declared a gilt investment at a government auction is not a supply of credit to spend at any current time, and most certainly not in any future time whenever no one wants to be trapped accepting practically and virtually worthless fiat paper for goods and/or services recognised as extremely valuable and able to be surprisingly destructive … if it be thought to be a good idea by any Tom, Dick or Harry with the means and inclination to be have it be so.

Customers have recognised it is a Venus Fly honey trap.


amanfromMars Mon 23 Aug 17:47 [2108231747] …… just saying on https://www.zerohedge.com/political/clinton-lawyer-featured-steele-dossier-scandal-opens-firm-focus-ethics-and-campaign

Clinton Lawyer Featured In Steele Dossier Scandal Opens Firm With Focus On Ethics and Campaign Disclosures

Well, one would, wouldn’t one. Although quite how effective such an action is in distracting and diverting/subverting and perverting attention away from former matters that appear now to matter greatly, is not something to rely on any more if escape from responsibility and accountability is the prize worthy of additional creative support and virtual assistance ….. which is surely a Divine Help in any language/territory/space place.


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