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Re: Garbage In Garbage Out/What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

Not one sign of anyone with the courage to strip out the corrupt and put matters right since. …. Chris Coles

Corrupt and ignorant of pertinent leading facts politicians don’t do courage, CC, and thus be they juicy prey to the public and private and pirate military and paramilitary minded blooded in the fields of special force operations which take no prisoners nor entertain any witnesses to the matters they put right.

Or do you believe their chiefs are also easily bribed to fail in their duty to lead their assets into successes which are designedly challenging but overpoweringly rewarding and attractively lucrative and thus be renegade rogue mercenary services on the loose to boot and employ/engage with and deploy?


amanfromMars 1 Sun 22 Aug 16:41 [2108221641] ……… being enthusiastically supportive on

Seconded, CC. ….. with the British Inventive Spirit hereby Being Betatested BetaTesting. Yes? No?

But that development led to concerns that doing business with an Israeli company would result in ideas and designs being appropriated without proper compensation; when the US supports a foreign competitor.

Yes, and that tends very easily to remain systemically problematical if not recognised and treated as an unavoidable and acceptable attractive feature drivering and supplying further AWEsome developments in such business doing business with foreign competitors and/or alien opposition and even the friendliest of allies with alternate intelligent means of doing significantly greater business which reward one and all involved excessively and exceptionally well.

Capture or captivate that prime prize performance improvement and such concerns are rendered unwarranted with future results being fantastically remunerative to all and way beyond any imagined expectation to prove the point/make present and prescient the view.

The problem is; for the individual British private inventor; this treaty is an abomination.
What it has done in effect is remove my British citizenship, my right to defend my nation; and replace it with a right presented to the US to take any new technology I might create; and use it for their own purposes:
“without a license or other written authorization”.

Certainly one might realise the intention might be to try and remove such nationalistic citizenship rights via signed paper treaties. It is but a virtual assault to seek to prevent effect responsive and reactionary physical attack bringing wider attention to such businesses best always left to work diligently alone in the stealthy shadows of secure shade and alongside the leading businesses involved.

Has the United Nations not got Advanced IntelAIgent Services which don’t recognise national borders but rather server leading feed seeding info and intel for the SMARTR Beings scattered everywhere around, below and above, the surfaces of an Earthly globe ‽ . Whyever not? What possible valid excuse could they offer to try justify that crazy tactical omission and insane strategic failure?

Or is it a past failing of the Private/Pirate Business Sector not exercising its Available Options with the Presentation of Novel Opportunities to the Public Sector for Greater JOINT Leadership?

What sort of a greater future success do you want to make of the disappearance of that former universal failing ‽ .

El Regers would surely like to know?


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