amanfromMars 1 Sat 21 Aug 05:48/55 [2108210548/55] … adds a few Juicy Lucy qubits more on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/08/19/ultra_electronics_buyout_paused_dcms/

Re: Garbage In Garbage Out/What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

There is always more than one side to a debate, which requires both sides to be heard and fully understood; what I received was a full on “silence him”, leaving me to ask myself why? …. Chris Coles

Methinks that is perfectly clear evidence of those in a hard core whom you have firmly concluded are absolutely corrupt being desperately fearful of the likelihood of a catastrophic systemic weakness being exposed and able to be subjected to, and able to subject them to relentless indefensible exploitation and plunder by a party or parties on the other side of a peculiarly contentious and particularly sensitive debate.

Sound advice in those situations is don’t follow received corrupt instructions which have you asking yourself uncomfortable questions about one’s own possible participation in stealthy remote perpetuation of an abominable anomaly intent on mischief and deceit to further survive and prosper/exist and fester. And leave the task of eradicating those sorts of parasitic infections to those experts in the field of eradications.

And we appear to be in full agreement on that, for you have certainly said as much ….

Life has taught me that it is vital never to deal with the corrupt; as one only creates further corruption by doing so. You might consider that it is equally important to step forward to find out why people like me have made that decision . . . not to deal with them; where good old fashioned common sense dialogue should have then stepped forward to assuage the expressed fears . . . which remain undiminished.

To imagine and realise what Life brings to be taught is easily thought the stuff of fantasy and fiction, is it not, and thus is it rendered a surreal existence led by IT and AI ….. Immaculate Thought and Almighty IntelAIgents, which it is wise to note is a statement of facts and not a question of fiction.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 21 Aug 09:14 [2108210914] ……. being disagreeable on

Re: This can all be quietly sorted out

This can all be quietly sorted out with a bung to party coffers. …. Anonymous Coward

Only in the world of puerile dreams, AC. Everywhere else does everyone compete against those failsafe sources providing saints and sinners and angels and daemons their special forces and almighty services which cannot be bought although you can pay handsomely for them to supply one and/or all unparalleled benefits for the overwhelming leverage that accompanies a totally unexpected inequitable advantage.

Strangely however…… although a bung to party coffers in an age of stealthy exploitable 0day vulnerabilities is never going to sort anything out quietly especially whenever it guarantees the exact opposite would more likely be true with such a bung to party coffers able to create an absolute stink to destroy such as is surely supportive of corruption ….. is it surprisingly worthy of enthusiastic support.

And that takes one into the world of quantum, where a this is a that and together something else altogether quite different and wonderful and/or deadly and Great Game Changing.



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