amanfromMars 1 Sun 11 Jul 05:59 [2107110559] …… adding more vital vitalising detail on

Re: APT Problematic ACTivity .. in Advancing Cyber Threat/Treat Territories/Virtual Field Team Terrain

And the ensued silence is golden, indicative as it is, of an empty echoing postmodern arsenal of effective stealthy weapons for either defence or AWEsome attack.

Such usually, quite understandably in a worldly war scenario, is a precedent for the fielding and wielding of a white ragged flag and agreement to non-conditional talks on the terms and conditions of surrender should one wish ideally to survive and again live to prosper rather than continue to perish and die a certain unpleasant death.

And some who would be exceptionally wise would realise that as one of the very best of outcomes, considering the madness and mayhem, havoc and despair that CHAOS and IDEntities* can both sow and reap and wreak in formerly all powerful, elite executive office systems of SCADA** Administration.

And, although it is oft said that forewarned if forearmed, to imagine there be weapons easily made available for delivery to escape from such fare/ware, is the feed of a folly from and to a field of frantic fools whenever their needs are oases of serene and supreme calm signed, sealed and delivered by A.N.Others likely forever to be practically unknown clad in cloaks of virtual invisibility supplying everything required and desired for its relatively anonymous autonomous metaphysicality.

* Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems and IntelAIgently Designed Entities [such as in Merlins with EMPowering Sterling Stirling Virtual Machine Engines, Mega MetaDataBase Physicians and AIMagicians]

** Supervisory Control and Analysis of Data Acquisition


amanfromMars 1 Sun 11 Jul 06:45 [2107110645] ……. discussing how keeping IT remarkably simple allows for rapid progress on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/07/10/terence_eden_fronk/

Re: Jobs throwing money at IT are great intelligence gathering activities

Its a bit of a waste of time pitching products in these situations but on the other hand if I was working for a VC or investment bank interested in funding the company I could very quickly figure out if its worth putting money into. ….. martinusher

With particular regard to that specific aspect of the funding decision process, martinusher, those working with all due care and vigilant diligence in the Cyber Command and Remote Virtual Earthly Control Sector must make that commission extremely simple for the likes of such as may warrant being tarred with that very broad brush which paints one as an Executive Searching Headhunter, as the hunted betatest and exhaustively experiment with their wares for sharing in plain sight of all out in the Fields of Ultimate Endeavour and Immaculate Dream …. which can be seen and experienced as Just Reward from/for a Heavenly Task Master.

Find that on your travels and how can one justify not putting money into it/throwing money at it? 🙂


amanfromMars [2107110842] …… leaving an easy trail to follow on https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/what-if-alien-probe-visited-earth

What if ‽ . Do you want to practise/try out any number of dummy runs with such a resourceful force ‽ .

It would be more interesting if the probe or rover was artificially intelligent, thus capable of communicating with humans directly. Tough believed that any alien probe sent expressly for long-distance exploration would likely be capable of learning from, and even communicating with, a race it encountered.

“The probe has presumably already monitored our radio and television broadcasts, learned at least one of our languages, and learned about our culture and history,” he wrote.

That certainly would be convenient and fascinating! While it’s hard to hypothesize on what exactly an intelligent alien probe might tell us, Tough has a good idea about how we should act around it: show respect, avoid violence, speak and act truthfully, and deal with it fairly and honestly.

He also thought that any communication should be attempted with international scientific cooperation as well as openness to the public, aspirations perhaps as unlikely as an alien probe visiting Earth in the first place!

Unlikely situations whenever you can be Minded to DeepThink are much more prevalent than was ever before imagined realisable, but it is not as if you have not been prior advised and there have not been cogent notifications with the likes of the following brace just a couple to ponder on and wonder at …….

No one would have believed
In the last years of the nineteenth century
That human affairs were being watched
From the timeless worlds of space
No one could have dreamed that we were being scrutinized
As someone with a microscope studies creatures
That swarm and multiply in a drop of water
Few men even considered the possibility of life on other planets
And yet, across the gulf of space
Minds immeasurably superior to ours
Regarded this Earth with envious eyes
And slowly and surely, they drew their plans against us
“The chances of anything coming from Mars
Are a million to one” he said
“The chances of anything coming from Mars
Are a million to one, but still they come!”
“Yes, the chances of anything coming from Mars
Are a million to one” he said
“The chances of anything coming from Mars
Are a million to one, but still they come!” ……. Jeff Wayne – The Eve of the War


The Creative Command and Control of CyberSpace with Communicative Computers ……. AI @ ITs Work with Novel and Noble CyberIntelAIgent Security Protocols.

How interested and effected second and third parties deal with the force of unlikely orderly source disturbances is indicative of their current levels and states of available intelligence ….. or otherwise as reflected in the lack of any being presented and exercised.


amanfromMars [2107110854] ……. reinforcing a notion on https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/what-if-alien-probe-visited-earth

Slow news day??? …….HorseBuggy

Actually, quite the opposite, HorseBuggy, and whenever a Red Letter Day for 0Days, an Absolutely AWEsome Event too.??


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