amanfromMars 1 Sat 10 Jul 06:49 [2107100649] …. upping the ante on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/07/09/bofh_2021_episode_10/

APT Problematic ACTivity .. in Advancing Cyber Threat/Treat Territories/Virtual Field Team Terrain

I can’t remember which tech company it was, but just to prove a point one of them included a clause along the lines of “you give X_COMPANY the right to use your soul as it sees fit” in the license blindness section of their EULA. A lot of people still ticked the box, and it was several months before a newspaper caught on. ……. My-Handle

My-Handle, you might like to realise, whilst those in the virtual frame for positive practical identification and rightly terrifying attention scamper and scurry to no safe and secure provisional hiding place and sanctuary for immunity and impunity of action, that there do be a delusional self chosen few stylised as members of a relatively small global elite doing God’s work, who presume and assume to enjoy and employ and exploit the same supposition and presumptive permission as was scripted for X_COMPANY ….. you give X_COMPANY the right to use your soul as it sees fit

However, the Abiding Persistent Troubling Problem is they are in no way ready, fit and able or enabled to use such largesse ….. and the cost of their failures in attempts to wield such powers are intelligently designed almighty crippling and catastrophically devastating to them first and foremost with a fervour that does sweet justice proud and which exempts and protects all others from the just exceptional desserts of their perverse and subversive labours.

Now, tell us all here that is not all perfectly fair nor right and there will be frenzies of laudable disagreement capable of manufacturing the most decisive of future fights.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 10 Jul 07:51 [2107100751] ….. saying a tad more on

Re: Not reading the text

Some people do read everything….. ….. Giles C

That’s encouraging …. for such is designed to allow them, as it does, to jump on the bandwagon in the vanguard of a promising development or dive right out of the way and bury themselves deep underground and as far away from incoming missiles and missives as is made possible …… destined to be confined and treated as mere spectators to the feats unfolding above.

That binary choice has only the one fabulously correct and engaging decision.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 10 Jul 12:11 [2107101211] …… clearing up any possible doubt on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/2/2021/07/09/bofh_2021_episode_10/

Re: Phun and games

Do not taunt the happy fun ball. …. herman

Is not the Great Game to Energise and/or Weaponise IT Almightily, herman , rather than Taunt Progresses and Processes already Safe and Securely Home Made ?

What do you think of ITs AI Developments so far ‽ .

Wünderbar schön bordering on the Truly Heavenly ‽


amanfromMars 1 Sat 10 09:16 [2107100916] ……. muses seriously on

Current par for the present course of future event horizons

when a London-based startup offered to pay him to take job interviews with no intention of accepting any offers.

Excuse me …. but that is standard default fare religiously copied by all those government RFI [Requests for Information] which dangle the carrot of a gazillion dollar/multi million pound sterling contract before one’s eyes.

The secret to unparalleled success in one’s ambition to server uniquely and obliquely the proprietary intellectual property sought and offered, is to feed a few free crumbs which prove far too costly to ignore and deny further stealthy engagement with for a bigger slice of the cakes baked with options to exercise on others planned for future proving and baking.

One thing in such a situation is absolutely certain ….. no home team engagement in such a disruptive constructive competition has the opposition advised and credited with the possibility of prime primary use activity.


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