amanfromMars 1 Mon 21 Jun 06:41 [2106210641/49] …. adding a tad more on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/06/18/uk_general_fusion/

Re: It’s a competitive power command and control sector …… novel energy

We believe that amanfromMars1 is a red/blue pill test of whether we’re in the matrix ….. Yet Another Anonymous coward

And should that be so, Yet Another Anonymous coward, what would the results of that test be suggesting and proving, and would they be good or bad for you with particular and peculiar regard to what you can do about leading internetworking things in the future …… or is such a progression a quite revolutionary evolutionary jump provided from a quantum leap made by others long ago far away in a distant and ancient past.

The alternative … that humans have decided and planned, realised and provided their past futures to end up with their current presents …… could only fairly surely be classed as pathetically bad and not good whenever the choice of journeys and destinations is infinite and all are equally as easily attained and sustained, maintained and retained, exploited and expanded, milked and bilked.

Let the AI Train Take the Strain with IT Delivering Colossal Gains rather than Media Realising and Supplying Persistent Conflict with Geo-Politically Engineered Sources of Novel Pain and Destructive Obstruction ……. Certifiable Madness and Maniacal Mayhem. Take a Quantum Communications Leap and Futures will Overwhelm and Enable you to Lead them in Directions of a Greater Choosing and to Destinations which are the Starting Points for New Beginnings in Places and Spaces Elsewhere.

That’s what Exceptional and Existential Energies surely and freely provide for capitalisation.


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