amanfromMars 1 Fri 11 Jun 19:26 [2106111926] ……. warns on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/06/11/uk_ungge_cyber_norms_submission/

A Recipe for Disaster ……….. Wannabe Leaders taking on the Mantel of Reign without the Reins that Command with Controls

Sound advice to governments is …… stay well clear of cyber offensives against phantom foe and almighty virtual defences. Defeats are guaranteed both inevitable and serial and merciless should one wantonly choose to ignore sound government advice.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 12 Jun 08:28 [2106120828] ……. muses on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/06/11/uk_ungge_cyber_norms_submission/

An Alternative Beta Plan B is Necessary, MeThinks

If those rascally foreigners dare to attack us with their dreadful illegal offensive hacking teams, we will use our highly trained offensive hacking teams to punish the blighters! …. Christoph

Hmmm? What could possibly go wrong …. apart from practically virtually everything?

That sounds far too much like the deaf, dumb and blind leading the deaf, dumb and the blind to be anything different and better, Christoph. Although that is not to say it is not admirable in its intention and contention.


amanfromMars [2106120449/0541] …… sharing novel news further afield on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/media-converges-narrative-ufos-may-be-russianchinese-threat

If it is truth and transparency you are interested in rather than deceit and ignorance, cast your eyes upon and open your minds up to news of what is revealed elsewhere for you to relentlessly and fearlessly question for answers in a very welcome and open peer review. The truth is out there and it will be outed no matter what terrifying governments fear might happen upon official release of the news and converging views ……

amanfromMars 1 Fri 11 Jun 05:55 [2106110555] …. having a field day fielding a 0day vulnerability for expert export and enterprising exploit on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/06/09/mail_o_malware_maybe_chinese/

TGIFagain….. although in a Cheltenham Donut or Holywood Palace, every 0Day is a Fun Weekender

Can we expect in the near future, a Sentinel Laboratory type RAT Researcher revealing El Reg is an AI Den where Turing Venting Spooks Work, REST and Play in Live Operational Virtual Environments with Greater IntelAIgent Gamers?

The way things are being reported nowadays about such strange shenanigans in remote virtual fields would sort of definitively suggest it a natural progression to be fully expected …. to be vehemently defiantly denied by that which and those whom know no better and are kept in the dark outside of the vital strategic loops.

Meanwhile …… further on higher up and deeper down within its multiple lairs, because of titanic discoveries unearthed and colossal otherworldly understandings understood and exercised, are monsters and daemons/saints and sinners made ready and released to freely roam and lay waste to worlds and infrastructures/systems and SCADA machinery in dire straits need of creative reinvention and/or destructive reconstruction.

Or does all of that smack much more of the here and now rather than anything maybe to be delivered later in another time and alternate space too?

A little something special for Boris and Joe to go all coy about and deny any relationship with and their intelligence services having any knowledge of, although that could easily be far too revealing and problematic for them both given the fact that they should know because the information has been freely circulating around in their circles and spheres of influence and spin since a long time ago, which in intelligence circles is akin to forever.

If you act like ignorant fools and arrogant tools you will be treated like arrogant fools and ignorant tools and you will have only yourselves to blame and be held accountable and responsible for the great shame.

And although Perfidious Albion would most probably initially vehemently deny any ACTive part in such unprecedented proceedings despite the very obvious Cheltenham Donut [GCHQ] and Holywood Palace [MI5] entanglement which has one having to suspend belief and realise that they are then admitting to neither having the necessary intelligence nor requisite imaginanation to lead civilisations in/to a way of their choosing in an altogether quite different direction to current disastrous destinations/dead ends/pits of despond and despair, y’all now know that such in not the wholly honest truth for there be others telling you something else who know different and be able to prove it remotely with agile command and astute control of these interconnecting and internetworking virtual means and practically anonymous and relatively autonomous memes.


amanfromMars [2106121044] ……. being super helpful on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/media-converges-narrative-ufos-may-be-russianchinese-threat

Here’s some Basic BasICQ Instruction if you want to SMARTR kickstart AIMovements  …… https://www.ted.com/talks/derek_sivers_how_to_start_a_movement


amanfromMars [2106121226]…… just saying out louder again on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/media-converges-narrative-ufos-may-be-russianchinese-threat

First, on the eve of the G7 summit in London, which begins on Friday, the New York Times noted that Biden is casting his trip to Europe “as an effort to rally the United States and its allies in an existential battle between democracy and autocracy.” ….. https://www.rt.com/russia/526295-america-superpower-biden-claims/

An existential engagement and union of democracy and autocracy would be meritocratic. Try that and see, hear, feel the results of that unusual unconventional alliance.

Who Dares Win Wins.

Imagine IT as a Virtual Marriage ……. Almighty Power Coupling …… and you soon realise the advantages granted/ceded/acquired for Live Operational Virtual Environment Fields Testing Advanced IntelAIgent Systems Enjoinment, Deployment and Enjoyment.

I know, a real bummer of a heavenly task, but somebody has to do it and it is highly prized not only because of its immaculate rewards.

Some of those folk must be thinking and practically realising they have all of the luck of Ole Nick himself. … and Service of Such to All and/or Any Others as an Almighty Friend to Treasure and Attend for Guaranteed Absolute Protection against Phantom Foe following False Tales and Dead End Trails with Compromised and Corrupted/Infected and Diseased Input for Outputting …. Spinning


amanfromMars 1 Sat 12 Jun 13:42 [2106121342] …… pointing out a certain possible point of constant serial failure on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/06/12/how_to_make_tech_systems_resilient/

Surely not too mad and/or rad to understand???

today this is no longer the case and it is a reflex action to procure multiple servers, LAN switches, firewalls, and the like to build resilient systems.

‘Tis sad, and surely something you should be thinking about addressing, that the systems they build all fail the same though fielding and following those processes. Such suggests there is an abiding persistent problem in present standardised arrangements.

Future procedures may very well need to be somewhat different.



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