GrahamC [2105060719] ……. airing a disruptive novelty which can be both imagined by some or many as a creative or a destructive problematical view on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2021/5/3/just-in-space-command-wants-more-cyber-teams

Beware the curse of unintended consequences and unforeseen imaginable difficulties ….. and the thought that there being any practical relief in the false belief that forewarned is forearmed and can provide any adequate or overwhelming defence.

Attaining and maintaining digital superiority in cyber capabilities will have any force, by natural default, exercising its universally applicable leadership and remote virtualised abilities in direct competition and possible partnership with or alternatively see parties engaged in opposition to those others similarly wise to the powers made available with/to key players and source drivers with a sustainable digital superiority in both the global private business and nationalised geopolitical party SCADA sector, and throughout the pirate/renegade rogue/white.grey.black hatted crack hacker/elite programmer circles and deep minded dark internetworking webs/shadow systems.


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