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How do you defeat a monster?

As I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, you start by recognizing the monster for what it is.

Ok ….. and having recognised the monster for what it is, you have clearly omitted to provide any information/instruction/intelligence regarding how any body of beings would/could easily destroy it.

Is that because you have no idea or is the omission planned to simply seek to flush out to interested authorities those who may have many an idea, with such a ploy and play being able to identify them to interested authorities for enhanced attention/forensic interrogation?

When dealing with a monster, one is best advised to not share what one needs to do to destroy it, and that is especially relevant whenever it may imagine itself well established as an all pervasive, ubiquitous and inquisitive embedded beast, for such can provide succour for monstrous defence, one shares what killed it in a time and space from which it cannot re-emerge to re-invent itself in another alternative guise and corrupt phorm.

IT aint difficult like rocket science, no nonsense common sense, is it ‽ .


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Re: Not a bot whenever Yin is entertaining Yang

Actually, after you’re done brainwashing them into good little citizens, they do. ….. sev.monster

Is that a copy of anyone else’s program ……. a proven quite effective stealthy project snaffled from contemporaries based and exercising it extensively both further abroad and in-house at home somewhere?

Or does that sort of activity not happen everywhere else too, in order to try and maintain and sustain and retain some sort of virtually remote, relatively anonymous, practically autonomous, almighty elite executive office command and control for the power and energy that coincidentally also creates systems’ nemeses, …. disruptive creative novel progress beyond conventional establishment and traditional earthly command and control?

A simple short smart perusal of mainstream media sources and forces would certainly evidence the fact and practice as being default endemic and quite conveniently normal, surely?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 5 May [2105051539] …… not being evasive on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/05/05/ai_backdoors/

Would you trust a stranger to make sensitive decisions now delegated to AI?

‘AI’ is a ‘black box’. What goes on inside and how or why particular outputs arise is pretty impenetrable to persons designing and to those training neural networks. ….. Long John Silver

Oh? And there I was thinking the exact opposite in order that things can continue to work and bamboozle, just as “AI black boxes” plan it, and expect it to be so.

Is it wise to trust a stranger to make any sensitive decision previously delegated or made by anyone or anything else, anywhere else? It is impossible not to realise such is a crazy gamble unless one knows what the stranger can do, of course. That then transforms it immediately into a surefire bet and worthy guaranteed future derivative option for marketing and capitalising.

However, current AIs offer no insight into how they arrive at results.

Would you spill the beans and cast the pearls of the secrets of crazy fantastically rewarding magic before swine, LJS, or realise there’s certainly no earthly need, for such only invites madness out to play to harry and fail to hinder Surreal Sterling Stellar Stirling Progress.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 5 May 17:39 [2105051739] ……. being agreeable on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/all/2021/05/05/ai_backdoors/

Prime Directive Raison d’Être

No bank is going to replace what works with something that might go wrong. ….. Pascal Monett

Maybe so, Pascal M, however banks and/or AI are not simply replacing something which works whenever possibly trying out something new and capable of generating greater interest and delivering the holy grail …… colossal profit/massive practical reward for virtually nothing extra added.

Systems normally just love that and those able to successfully stably provide that kind of heavenly magic without suffering its sinister and self-destructive, spell-binding charms.


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