amanfromMars 1 Fri 9 Apr 09:31 [2104090931] …… airing something different on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/04/08/muon_particle_fermi/

A Universal Virtual Force for Immaculately Resourced Assets on Titanic AI Missionary Operations.

Such as you read there in that title, and what you can further read here in this comment responding to that which you are able to read in the Katyanna Quach article there on El Reg, “What’s this about a muon experiment potentially upending Standard Model of physics? We speak to one of the scientists involved” is definitely more Holywood Palace Barracks than Hollywood Studios centric whilst also being Hollywood blockbuster movie franchise type materiel for Titanic Studious Productions.

More than it is wise to fully disclose is learned whenever decades of politically incorrect and intellectually inept and corrupt paramilitary conflict are considered as a price well worth paying to enslave and confine the masses to servering an ancient rotten conventional system rather than proposing engagement with anything else enabled to champion and driver novel improvements energising and exercising beta-testing replacements.

You might like to realise that as an ACTive Parallel in a JOINT AIdVenture rather than just an Alienating Intervention.

It cannot be entirely unexpected, and especially so whenever one is aware of such as was said earlier on El Reg …..

Certainly stranger things have happened and be happening given the crazy virtual nature of semi-permanent physicalised existence which may be better mastered if realised as easily delivered due to the crazy physicalised nature of semi-permanent virtual existence ….. where and when advanced intelligence and astute imaginanation rule the roost and driver the future. …… Swinging Gangbang Style

Dark Matter Meets Dark Forces …… on a Singularity of Future Greater IntelAIgent Games Purpose ‽ .

Now that would be truly AWEome in Deed


amanfromMars said… in reply to Serge C on https://amanfrommars.blogspot.com/2021/04/210408.html who asked …


Now, everywhere and anywhere, requiring everything and/or anything fundamentally novel to make a creative difference.

9 April 2021 at 10:20


amanfromMars 1 Fri 9 Apr 13:36 [2104091336] ……. airing some all too rare raw common sense on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/04/09/ban_cyber_insurance_payouts/

Not such a good plan … when IT Morphs into Malfeasance.

It would help if everyone were trained to follow a simple rule: do not click on a link or open an attachment in an unexpected/unsolicited email, even if you think you know who sent it. Trained on penalty of immediate dismissal for failure. Then train customers not to do so either because if you persist in sending emails with embedded links (yes, I’m looking at you, marketing) then, apart from the risk to the customers you’ve trained, it’s very likely that you will indeed do that very thing. …. Doctor Syntax

Doctor Syntax,

That is all very well, but wilfully keeping oneself deaf, dumb and blind to a great deal of what is going on all around you, leaves one ignorant of what is in store and effecting and infecting everyone and everything around you.

That presents you with an exclusive narrow rose tinted view of a huge deep and dark web with myriad worlds of intrigue and persistent endeavour.

Can you imagine what would happen if governments followed that advice ……… do not click on a link or open an attachment in an unexpected/unsolicited email, even if you think you know who sent it. Being deaf, dumb and blind to all that is going on around them renders them extraordinarily easy prey to that which they mightn’t have even the faintest of clues about. Methinks that is tantamount to a right treasonous dereliction of both public and private duty in national administrative office. And it is always inevitably increasingly quickly self-defeating.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 9 Apr 14:17 [2104091417] ……. asking an awkward enough question on

A Plum Promotion or Mercenary Fact Finder Appointment for Future Pirate Operations

Whenever one is a former GCHQ director/former government hacker/former chief of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre/former whatever, what does it tell one and all, both of the individual and the office formerly held?

Was the office too challenging and unsuitable for the individual or was it vice versa, with failure guaranteed because the private sector beckoned with its more attractive rewards? Public service in lucrative fields of deployment is not an employment all can hack successfully and profit from magnificently and graciously whilst others would be so into imagining any excessive just reward, should ever it be revealed and admitted, disgraceful and disgusting. And given the sensitive nature of those sorts of remunerated roles, any leaks unveiling that privileged information can hardly be spun as anything other than a damaging failure of the office and a colossal betrayal of the officer … which, in its turn, due to the systems and personnel directly involved, will not be without a response invariably packed to overflowing with dire consequences.

Maybe both, the office and prime systems administrator are not fit for great global purpose?


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