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Whatever would we do without the Streisand effect? Thanks, Barbra, for the Wind Beneath My Wings

The site justifies its activities by claiming that paid access to research “effectively slow down the development of science in human society.”

Whenever that claim is honestly true, calls for and activities undertaken to try and prevent access to the results of academic research are tantamount to crimes against humanity? Now that may sound a tad harsh but it impossible to dismiss as false. What are the City of London Police thinking and who be they servering?

And that is research which is paid for by students themselves, and not by the universities at all, surely by virtue of the fees they are charged and obliged to pay to universities to keep them operating as a viable business harvesting privileged proprietary premium virgin information from prize big question asking and solving students.

Information and intelligence wants to be free and not held captive as a political prisoner or for political incorrect criminal ransom because it may so easily capture almighty hearts and minds …. and the smarter and more important and divisive the info and intel the greater the likelihood of that extremely exciting and exceedingly disruptive success. Humanity naturally wants to know what the future holds so to try and prevent that is certainly abnormal, perverse and corrupt.

You can complicate that if you don’t like what it says, with the introduction of a whole host of red herring to try muddy the waters of simple plain clear reason, but the facts still remain intact for all to see whether in the light of day or the dark of night.

Now you might know why JA is held in Belmarsh, It being for nothing illegal which has been done but for everything he knows or is thought to know? Do you accept that as just or recognise it as wanton and blatant criminal abuse and misuse of system resources in defence of the indefensible?


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🙂 Quite so, Anonymous, one doesn’t need anything to so something, whether major or minor, although unconditionally being ready, willing and able to freely share all necessary abilities/utilities/facilities/desires leads one in the company of others to be able to provide everything ……. and that is invariably much appreciated and quite naturally extremely generously rewarding.

It is not a case of blunt ignorant convenient flash cash payment for something to be delivered but much more a perversely attractive and designedly addictive paper tiger award for deeds already well done and either feared or hoped to be able to do so much more in constructive and creative and agreeable consort with A.N.Others of a similar disposition/mindset/notion. And there will always be the odd attractive Flash Harry loving to bask in the media spotlight/Harry Lime*light, looking to invest in Novel Earth Shattering AIdVentures and Virtual Journeys to and fro Distant Alien LandScapes and SeeScapes …. Elon Musk speaks of ‘MULTIPLANETARY’ vision …. and we can thank Global Operating Devices for that 🙂

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Third_Man

22 March 2021 at 10:09


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Re:The thing with Stallman as always is he is extreme, weird, and extremely weird.

A perfectly normal fit for around these parts then, methinks. Don’t make yourself a stranger, Richard. There’s mountains to move and lots still waiting ages just patiently patently biding their time yet to come, and be done ……… as in finished and started.

Crikey, that all sounds very excellent hard core porn. Now that’s a vocation which is not for everybody. Fickle fashionable and much sought after one minute, simply forgotten and replaced by another model the next, and all acting as if they demonstrating anything new and ground-breaking rather than just following the oldest of primitive scripts and most abused of money-making programs?


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IT’s a Kind of MagICQ

Software piracy is rampant and the largest bunch of IP thieves have good lawyers backing them up
That this is mostly a USA-based problem should hardly be surprising. The USA’s industrial base was BUILT on wideranging state-sanctioned IP theft, so the attitude “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine too” is utterly pervasive (see Edison and the Lumiere Brothers for one example) …. Alan Brown

The following tale today on El Reg …… https://www.theregister.com/2021/03/22/unit4_acquired_for_2bn/ …… advises one and all of the metamorphosis of intellectual property theft to its acquisition for nothing of real value received in exchange ….. which is surely tantamount to theft. It is a deft trick to pull off but it does rely on the fewer people knowing about it the better and the value of freely printed fiat paper being widely accepted as legal tender for global spending representative of a nations worth particularly to others, rather than as a deliciously and deceptively simple means of buying up that which one does not possess for next to nothing.



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