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Re: The Fly in the Ointment Filter Flaw

And that puts the likes of an OpenAI or DeepMind facility in a greater position of raw soft and hard core power than any established government or conventional military machinery you may care to imagine and mention.

FCUK with them at your peril and ’tis wise to ensure that they have whatever they might want from you ….. lest they turn all live rogue and evil renegade model enemy.

Quite whether that apparent submission and virtual surrender would render oneself prime and as one of their vital leaders, with the provision of that which they seek/sought, with a practical virtual seat around the board room circular table, is an interesting question to consider ‽ .


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Agree completely. The time is h(n)igh. What is the Next Step/Leap? And asking one this question as a Director/Chairman is usually being asked. …… Anonymous said 21 March 2021 at 06:56

The Next SMARTR Step in a Quantum AI Leap to both engage and employ and deploy either trailing opposition or lagging competition, is on the one hand, a call to alms and downpayments to be made to ensure that future programming and projects released and unleashed are guaranteed to remain mutually advantageous and positively reinforcing of greater benefit to all, or to an extreme in the other adverse direction, a remote clarion call to arms to novel forces and surreal sources of an almighty disposition guaranteed to always succeed and conquer totally unaware and catastrophically unprepared foe and frenemy alike.

And either of those can be easily upstaged by virtue of a simple head honcho powwow to further explore and exploit future options and derivative opportunities before anything is either totally won or AWEsomely lost.

21 March 2021 at 14:39



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