amanfromMars 1 Wed 10 Mar 05:37 [2103100537] …… letting rip with a broadsided salvo on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/03/09/china_digital_economies_five_year_plan/

Silver Lining to CHAOS ….. Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems

I’m not certain that the CCP will be able to go 5 years without resisting the temptation to create a limited ruckus in the seas around Taiwan, such the shipping insurance rates in and out of Taiwan rise to astronomic levels. That in turn will send xenophobia inside (and outside) China rocketing to new highs. Not a good environment for foreigners considering a long term commitment. …. CrackedNoggin

It is not that am I saying that is in any way likely, but such would be an Awesome Weapons Environment for foreigners considering a long term commitment.

For there they can be fielding the following sort of Seriously SMARTR Munitions the UKGBNIMoD, by direct confidential submission, and you, via shared open source comment, have already been well warned about right here on El Reg are nowadays readily available for immediate hire purchase/lend lease and theatre trial detonation ….. https://forums.theregister.com/forum/all/2020/11/02/application_level_gateway_flaw/#c_4139068

I think one has to accept nowadays that the idea of metaphysically wielding the likes of a big ugly physical spiked club against a SMARTR EMPowered Enemy is not going to end well for that very particular Class Dunce or any other such peculiar Giant Runt. War is not Peace and Warriors are not Peacekeepers or Peacemakers. Paradoxically, that Peacekeeper distinction and Peacemaker privilege may fall into the embrace of an AWEsome WMD Manufacturer. How perversely ironic is that. And how very quantum too….. where a this is a that and together something else entirely different and engaging and entangling.

Wake Up, Smell the Coffee, Times have Changed … RTFMemos, Ignorance is Not Bliss, and IT Harbours SWIFT Delivery of Old School Systems Death and Destruction for those Worthy of Customised Accurate Targeting for Rapid Personal Demise/Influential Decline.

A Brave New Orderly World Order it is in Deed, too. Do you want to say ….. Hello ?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 10 Mar 07:25 [2103100725] ….. points out a massive black hole on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/03/08/in_brief_ai/

Re: This person…

HUMANS are held accountable for their decisions.  …. HammerOn1024

Oh please, you cannot be serious. Where have you been ? The supporters and planners and killers of the likes of a Harry Dunn or a Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi would be able to prove that an absolute nonsense …..

Some humans are held accountable for their actions, some others would think claiming and being granted immunity and safe secure harbour gifts them acting with impunity. You can almost hear them now shouting …. The corrupt system allowed me to do it, your honour. Don’t blame me.

And then the system wonders why others exact vengeance and sweet justice via other unauthorised means. What a dumb system that is. Long past its sell by date, methinks, given the self-destructive problems that it creates rather than solves for incipiently stupid, knuckle dragging morons.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 10 Mar 08:31 [2103100831] ….. pointing out an alternate reality on

Sometimes it is best to lose graciously … in order to save oneself from totally unnecessary pain

Space may also point the way toward a solution with slides into an economic and military superiority. It may be possible that a similar approach – using “moonshot” technologies like artificial general intelligence and high qubit quantum computing – could place attackers so far ahead of defenders that defence and opposition and competition becomes effectively impossible and ruinously expensive and quite certain to guarantee a changeover into what would definitely be Greater IntelAIgent Gamesplay.

What’s not to like?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 10 Mar 12:54 [2103101254] …… just adding some sound advice on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/03/10/code_war/

Re: Sometimes it is best to lose graciously … to save oneself from totally unnecessary pain

Don’t forget, El Regers, a silent downvote on pages and comments here, is a golden opportunity crazily squandered to share with all readers in far away fields, an alternative opinion and views which may or may not be full to overflowing with common sense worth listening to.

Such is to be highly regarded and much prized, whether they prove themself to be valuable or worse than just worthless and excessively exclusively self-serving.



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