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Re: Bringing in skilled foreigners.

┬áIt would be a brave person to operate under Beijing’s rule behind the great firewall. The foreigners whose fortunes I follow, are beating a hasty exit from the place. Some who have been there for many years, more than a decade in some instances. They say the days of opportunity left when Xi came to power. …. msknight

Some would say, and I’m taking a direct MRDA hit with this observation, quantum communications are not successful without them bringing in and assimilating foreigners for command and control of novel systems and AI@ITsWork.

To suggest that is not an opportunity for the Chinese because Xi is in a position of power is far too unlikely to even be imagined as true …… especially whenever so many lament at how far behind the Chinese they be in all that they are accused of copying from the West to render them an overwhelming global advantage, thus proving how switched on they can be to that which they hold dear and recognise as being valuable and worthy.

And rule and rules and quantum are not fields which pay any attention or tribute to order or orders, so you can forget about that being any sort of a problem invented looking for a non-existent solution.


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Re: Bringing in skilled foreigners.

What no totalitarian regime has ever grasped is that creativity and useful experimentation are most likely to happen in a free society. ….. MyffyW

What could be successfully argued, MyffyW, is that every totalitarian regime and oppositional Parliamentary/Presidential type democracy have grasped that all too well and realise that such too easily disrupts and dethrones inherited legacy status quo establishments/oligarchies and that is why one has trouble finding any free societies on Earth.

No such trouble though in Space. The Old Boy/Gal Networks don’t work at all well out there. And that is why everything is so terrifying for status quo systems used to being abusive Masters of the Universe down on Earth for they aren’t in command and control of communications and instructions from Space, and interference of relays down to Earth also both destroy their own lines of communication on Earth and alert enemies, leaving them catastrophically vulnerable to attacks which they will have zero foreknowledge of.

To imagine that is worthwhile saving with a continuance of established status quo policies and projects, is the stuff of certifiable madness and moronic idiocy.


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An unwelcome opinion to try prove unerringly erroneous and outrageous?

Can this lead to weapons taking over and creating an empire of their own, turning the commanders into their slaves? Machine learning, autonomous weapons? What else will DOD come up with to get more money? …… Norman123

Yes, Norman123. It can, and therefore does.


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