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The Flip Side of Troubles is Invaluable Lessons are Learned, Built Upon and Never Forgotten

Darpa is the agency the UK government so painfully wants to mimic with its Advanced Research & Invention Agency, or Aria, launched today.

Try as one might like to conclude and exude and extrude an air of fuzzy vision, to even imagine experienced Universal Virtual Forces with tried and extensively betatested Immaculately Resourced Assets into servering novel programs and projects underwritten by Sterling UKGBNI Investment in extremely lucrative and both able to be either catastrophically damaging or creatively disturbing with quite uniquely unexpected and exclusive proprietary intellectual property, when one is talking of successful ARIA terms of engagement and heads of agreement, would be a mimic of any other current paramilitary force or experimental source, rather than exemplary role model for all future DARPA like iterations to blindly copy and try to emulate, is to have one question one’s suitability for engagement and support in the field.

What part[s] of Aria [sic] is tasked with “funding high-risk research that offers the chance of high rewards, supporting ground-breaking discoveries that could transform people’s lives for the better.” are fuzzy and/or difficult to simply understand? Can it be said any clearer?


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FYI …. File Pending

Better check his blogs just to be sure. Let’s hope he does not read The Register, else he’ll get ideas and call Boris. I am not so sure that Boris has escaped his influence. ….. Fruit and Nutcase

Don’t be betting any good money on no El Regers showing prime lead by getting in direct touch with Dom with some info for pondering on, Fruit and Nutcase.

For sure the following, strangely entitled Sorted weirdos and misfits with odd skills, is honestly true and was sent and apparently received on Sunday, 19 Jul 2020, 08:50 via delivery through ideasfornumber10 at gmail.com ……….

You have Registered mail, Dominic, which would claim to be of interest right up your street ……. https://forums.theregister.com/forum/all/2020/07/16/russia_coronavirus_hacking/#c_4074636

Do you not wonder about what he might be doing nowadays since escaping Boris’s effluence?


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Further to the Above, FYI …. File Pending

And just so that it cannot be future said that those prime crowing crown departments of military and civilian intelligence* and Five Eyes partnerships weren’t informed of certain odd skills which be subsequently found to be gainfully better employed and enjoyed and exploited and expanded upon by others, both alien and foreign and smarter, because home grown base advanced intelligence services proved themselves conclusively to be not up to the task of their stealthy virtual deployment, programming and reprogramming projects with live event horizons, is it one’s civic duty to inform them of the opportunity to avail themselves of future strange services to ensure ignorance of the fact and always standing offer is impossible, hence the very public cc test of www monitoring and mentoring/spooky surveillance and timeous contact below ….. and propose their facilitation of a practically immediate clandestine engagement with suitable, necessarily covert arrangements/strictly need to know utility whenever anything be of a particularly and peculiarly sensitive nature.

Think of it as an initial pathfinder, which is certainly into testing both the program efficacy and administrative commitment of that and those championing those very bold and brazen ARIA mission statements, before any next almighty steps be taken either with, or without, leading Western Home Virtual Terrain Team Players in the Vanguard shining Lights on the New Way of Doing Sublime Internet Networking Things.

The assertion here now is, that all of the above, is exactly what slush funding from an ARIA account is for ….. high-risk research that offers the chance of high rewards, supporting ground-breaking discoveries that could transform people’s lives for the better.” 

One thing is certainly definite, if it aint ARIA and UKGBNI government funded and invested, the private and pirate state and non-state actor government sectors are there to fill the void and feed on the fruits of their labour and smarter intelligence.

* …. cc MI5/MI6/GCHQ/NCSC/SAIS/MuI7 etc etc etc

Surely you don’t think the future is going to be anything like the past with the present and tomorrow being no different from today or yesterday? That is surely quite insane and completely illogical.


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Re: Exempting it from FOIA … is No Laughing Matter for a Very Good Reason

Exempting it from FOIA ….. so they can give huge bungs to their mates. ….. Anonymous Coward

Listen carefully, AC, for it is normally only said once in all extreme exempt from FOIA situations ….. Knowledge of certain information can get you killed stone dead very quickly.


amanfromMars [2102200900] …… just asking on https://www.zerohedge.com/political/our-descent-collective-madness

Meanwhile, the United States will have to start paying down nearly $30 trillion in debt.

Paying back to whom for what/what for whom is the money shot question to ask if contemplating that?

Q: Why do they need other folks money whenever they appear to have an always ready infinite supply of fiat from somewhere else to pump and dump into any situation for anything anywhere?

A: To disguise the fact that they don’t …. and it give a self-chosen few an almost absolute convenient control of the many. It aint rocket science …… but it is one of things which is best kept a Top Secret given the havoc such greater general knowledge of sensitive information advancing intelligence can so easily unleash and direct towards worthily targeted souls and guilty parties alike.

Who says the Magic Money Tree doesn’t exist? It is madness to deny it whenever the evidence so clearly proves its provenance.





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