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Back Down on Earth …. with a Bump to Pump and Dump/Fly and Deny

not even highly contagious human malware spreading around Earth.

One could just as truthfully share it is a glitch in alien hardware resultant from some rogue animal software program ……with a few lines of dodgy code which jump the shark or cause and enable the sharks to bite the hands that feed and try to lead them to destruction ?

Surely one that to admit the enemy one is dealing with in a freely mutating global viral pandemic which kills indiscriminately is extraordinary whenever neither man made nor natural and common?

It’s a great quantum leap, that small jump for human understanding.

Oh ….. and Bravo, NASA. What would the Fed and Uncle Sam do without you underwriting their dream programming with their lavish justified fiat capital support of your own dream projects in an alien space place.

It’s such a pity though that your NASA success in an alien space place is not mirrored and reflected in the Fed and Uncle Sam hashes made on Earth where Doom and Gloom, FUD and SNAFUBAR reign supremely subprime under their rules and regulations in the Wild and Western Alliances of Five Eyed Monstrosities ….. the Lands of Cretins ‘R’ Us.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 19 Feb 10:30 [2102191030] ……. being positive on

Re: Repulsive!

Quite so, DaveFlagAndTenDigits and My-Handle. Some/So many are far too quick to judge and jump to erroneous conclusions.

The following is a novel development which, with regard to the discussion of the pork being expended on a seriously speculative adventure reported on here, is certainly encouraging and some would say, not before time and long overdue. I look forward to the result of what must surely be grants awarded for developing ideas rather than interest free loans issued for later principal repayment ……… ARIA …. DARPA UKGBNI

That’s the one sure way to guarantee future successful results. However, what’s the betting on the system doing their best to fcuk that up with an intellectually bankrupt and politically incorrect attempt at lead, although the Telegraph article does say, right at the beginning …….

The £800m Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA) will be led by scientists who will be given freedom to identify and fund transformational science and technology projects.

…… which if true, would be somewhat different and laudable and give success every chance of rapid progress in smarter programs and SMARTR Projects.


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