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Every cloud has a silver lining

That High Court ruling against Secret Intelligence and Security Services is great news for renegade rogue, freelancer private and pirate contractors/plausibly deniable proxy agents/non-state state actors.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 12 Jan 05:44 [2101120544] ………. Deep See Mining on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/01/11/equipment_interference_privacy_international_judgment/

Re: Does any of this actually matter………

The snoops in Cheltenham are TOTALLY INCOMPETENT…….even as they are used to trawling for anything they can read!!!
If you think this is over the top……just think how many times AFTER AN OUTRAGE, the authorities report that the perps “WERE ALREADY KNOWN TO THE AUTHORITIES”. …. Anonymous Coward

TOTALLY INCOMPETENT may be a tad too harsh, AC, being as it suggests there be virtually practically no hope available to them, whenever such is certainly never true. However, HIGHLY INCOMPETENT is something they can honestly deserve to wear whenever any who should be known to them as persons of particular and peculiar interest to authorities, and who may even have formerly freely introduced themselves to relevant authorities, are not subsequently engaged in ongoing constructive revealing dialogue.

The real and present danger then is not so much a relatively clean skinned renegade going rogue and acting irresponsibly and malevolently, although that surely is an easy, couldn’t care less option, but rather more the asset going strangely dark to authorities at home and highly communicative elsewhere with other authorities which cab be easily mistaken or adjudged as either the competition or opposition ….. which would be national scandal and almighty shame that the snoops in the likes of a Cheltenham would have to rightly bear.

🙂 Say hello to Cheltenham, El Regers, for surely they are certain to be browsing and trawling for the otherworldly wise nuggets of info and intel freely shared for more general global utilisation and implementation and systems application by more than just the hosts of heroes biding their time in the convivial spaces here on El Reg ‽ .

However, if they aren’t to any meaningful extent, then I be totally wrong in my initial prime assertion, and that opens up a whole new vista with myriad worlds of remote executive administrative pain and colossal alternative financial market gain to game without them having any leverage at the helm. ……… which would be another almighty national scandal and even greater shame.


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A Reprehensible Crime ?

While lying in press releases and interviews is reprehensible, it’s not necessarily a crime. However, lying in presentations to people in order to pull in investment is.

And whenever those presentations result in one being elected into, and maintaining well paid public office?


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When “lessons will be learned” are never learned, vulnerabilities to constantly exploit remain

Heaven forbid that one should feel compelled to share anything of any significant importance with the current No 10 tenant/squatter via its internet provided providing portal. Goodness know how many anonymous minions are responsible for ensuring that doesn’t cause any problems with their vetting of suitable/unsuitable messages to be shared, or not, with the principal.

If one concludes that it is practically useless with particular regard to that singular task, it is only logical to expect something significant to be then made quite public, rather than be treated any further as private, so that ignorance is no longer available as an excuse for government indolence on any specific peculiar matter which may be of great interest.



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