amanfromMars 1 Tue 29Dec 17:24 [2012291724] …… just saying and praising a right little Caesar of a development on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/12/29/flow/

Virtually Advanced IntelAIgent Operating Systems Drivers. Just what the doctors ordered for when needed.

“Our roadmap,” he added, “is quite dependent on customer requirements.”

Is that reflected in the prime rating [Search Engine Optimisation] of premium markets leading and attractive engaging consumer content?

Delivered prime content lighting and enlightening new way of Informative Intelligence Provision …… easily realised as a Surpisingly Simple Universal Tool for Greater Future Educating Programs with Practically Live ACTive IT Projects ‽ .

Bravo. A Real Brave Browser Driver/Raison d’Être. And by all accounts, with so much fakery all around practically everywhere, just in time and not a moment too soon ……. 🙂 although there are bound to be those wishing it to fail and to be far too little too late, rather than accepting it as something quite novel and exciting and extremely engaging and perfectly timed to take full advantage of the new technologies of today…….. even to the extent one should be made aware of may require one to heed a note of caution, lest unprepared one finds it somewhat mind-bending and mind-blowing.

It is surely though something logical to expect of developments in/for the future, where the past and the present are merely the rock steady foundations upon which future hosting educative events are built and realised/produced and directed.

Done exceedingly well, will it do the jobs needed to be done much better than simple television and radio can ever show and/or dictate, or will ever be able to do all by itself.


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