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Tall fences don’t make for friendly neighbours.

The internet was envisioned as a friendly digital utopia where everyone could freely exchange information. Unfortunately human nature and politics have interfered with the original vision of the internet described by Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee.

It is only a matter of time before nation states (the EU being such) erect Chinese walls between themselves and that vicious outside world.

Tall fences make for friendly neighbours. …….Frostd

Presently there is a little difficulty here in one accessing entry into available information with delivery of intelligence to certain parties/particular players which one might expect to be interest to those with an interest in proprietary intellectual property matters being explored in the likes of the following event ….

The second Intelligentized Warfare Symposium was recently held at the National Defense University (NDU) of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in Beijing, and more than 80 military representatives attended the event. …… http://eng.chinamil.com.cn/view/2020-12/28/content_9959511.htm

Quite whether that is just a temporary glitch to be tested later or something else intentionally testing itself as a possible permanent fixture …… as one of those strange walls in something of a virtual form ….. is something which can very quickly become quite clear enough to reveal the necessary next steps/actions/reactions/proactions.

And surely, rather than friendly neighbours, tall fences can make for incredibly curious neighbours and almightily dangerous prisoners?


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Re: Removing Windows would be a great first step to easily fcuk up markets

Removing Windows would be a great first step
.. but the problem is that the people making the decisions can be bought with lunches and fed misinformation galore.
So yes, yet another hack. And another set of excuses. Rinse, repeat, ad infinitum.
Most of the people involved don’t want to fix things, they just want more budget to waste. Bad news for the people on the receiving end but that’s IT. ….. Anonymous Coward

That sounds very much like a clarion call for hacker types to step up to the plate, AC, and do their great cracking code, creative destruction thing.

Ye olde cavaliers versus roundheads/cowboys vs injuns/David vs Goliath confrontation albeit with different disguises for both state and non-state actors. Is anyone running a book on the guaranteed alternate outcomes for presenting in such as would certainly surely be postmodern quantum entangling times/virtually surreal spaces?

Is there a list/Are there lists of runners and riders/agencies and drivers?

Or are they likely liable to remain strictly need to know …. NOFORN Porn?

That should make for a radically novel 2021, and there’s no mistaking that not being a real doozy.

Didn’t Dominic Cummings not want something like that, right at the start of this year [JANUARY 2, 2020] ?



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