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Re: Well, blow me down … and after further reading of more elsewhere, a not so binary view

As critical and as alienating as views shared here may be, it should not be thought and construed that they be either in opposition to or adversarial competition with novel agency initiatives and goals …. and all such agencies/centres/government bodies/private and/or pirate public facing practices are both virtually and practically brand spanking new whenever dealing with any and all types of operations and/or missions in the cyber space domain and into exercising remote command and sublime control abilities and facilities and utilities for an overwhelming and unassailable pre-eminent and predominant lead position ……….. and as be not so oft frequently freely shared and revealed to all in the likes of these tales and transcripts and videoed chats online such as the one being commented on here and made available on/from the website of King’s College’s Strand Group. And many thanks indeed for that, King’s College London Strand Group. Bravo.

That’s why we built the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre in the way we did. Yes: it can covertly detect and deal with the most potent states.  ….Cyber-weapons are called viruses for a reason: Statecraft and security in the digital age

???? I beg your pardon? Are you really being serious? All/Any available evidence, and such is surely the only evidence that is worth believing and something stable upon which anything firm and foundational can be built for further development, with hidden secret exclusive elite counsel the favourite fodder of fools hell bent on dark and dismal crusades and a pure poison to touch and partake of in either a sip or a quaff, would strongly suggest otherwise and present quite the perverse and subversive reverse. The UK’s NCSC in its currently perceived form does neither of the two cited tasks effectively and to any standard which leads anything or anyone or everything anywhere worth boldly going ….

And notwithstanding the positive rosy hues which can be painted of the internet and the wondrous opportunities available in the cyber domain, and ITs Live Operational Virtual Environments*, to consider that as a primary characteristic rather than recognise the perverse and subversive reverse as an extremely dangerous and easily possible, more all powerful sub-prime attraction …….. – and is gravely to be regarded.

Indeed, conditions in the fields of which we now speak are eerily paralleled and were advised to be guarded against in President Eisenhower’s Farewell Address to the Nation January 17, 1961 …… and for much the very same reason[s] …….. the acquisition of unwarranted influence where the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will can persist and is a Persistent ACTive Cyber Threat.

However, it is the shapeless form of the future and that which one has to deal with, and do deals with if one wants to survive and prosper.

* ….. “To help the discussion, I want to introduce, or arguably, reintroduce, two concepts.
The first is cyber not just as a domain, but as an environment. It is so ubiquitous in our everyday life there is a strong case for this type of analogy.” ….. Ciaran Martin

Welcome, Ciaran. What kept you so long elsewhere?


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