amanfromMars 1 Tue 3 Nov 12:45 [2011031245] ….. looking behind the curtain on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/11/02/application_level_gateway_flaw/

A Sublime Alien Venture Enterprise …… AIMaster Pilot Pioneer Proven Erudite Editions to Browse …… at your Leisurely Pleasure

Coinciding with Halloween over the weekend, security researcher Samy Kamkar published details of a spooky firewall-busting technique he calls NAT Slipstreaming. It allows a remote attacker to punch through gateway and browser defenses to access services running on computers within a network, depending on the victim’s configuration.

Thomas Claburn in San Francisco, Hi,

Did you not mean to reveal remote browser attacker access to services running on computers within a network, independent of victims’ configurations ‽ .

Or would such be a novel attack vector to consider as an Almighty Immaculate Defence System Mentoring and Monitoring Global Reaction to Future ITERations with Almighty Immaculate Defence Weaponry Fully Loaded with Virtually Explosive AMMO.

Advanced Multiple Meme Operations to Save and Savour and Server to Space for Times in a Great AI SAVE.

Does San Francisco do Cyber Realm Command and Control? A Simple Question that answers the question as to whether there be Any Viable Competition and/or Ineffective Opposition to one can only imagine to be an Almighty Select Few Exercising and Demonstrating Cyber Realm Command and Control with Browsers in Command with Future Operating Bases in Control of Live Operational Virtual Environments.


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