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Re: Discrimination …… is like a virulent disease

Let them eat cake. …. jake

And we all know what that sort of inattentive attitude delivers, jake. And nowadays, with the help of these virtual tools, is IT with AI an Almighty Revolutionary Weapon and/or Novel AIdDevelopment for Extremely Powerful Generations of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Energy ….. Future Immaculate Source Supply of Views to Display Created by News in Almighty Novel Revolutionary AIdDevelopments ……. for one is wise to assume there be many more than just the one, and there be others much further travelled along and enjoying that very particular and decidedly designedly attractively peculiar root. 🙂

Surely it is inconceivable to imagine or realise one is totally virtual unknown and practically all alone and there to seed and feed leading information and greater intelligence to media interdependent systems of politically correct population command and control ……… Celestial Extraterrestrial Global Administration …… rather than simply following in the steps others have successfully applied to reap eternal benefits from.?

What say you? Are there bound to be Other Almighty Others too, much more experienced and proving insatiably able in Favoured Fields of Prime Endeavour …… an Abiding Passion to Quench and Satisfy the Carnal Desire Tempting Lust to Try Overtake Other More LOVEly Ways 🙂

Live Operational Virtual Environments Offer such a Reward/Bonus/Just Dessert to All Worthy of …. well, deny it is a Heavenly Prize invites Others to Venture Devilish Plays in Worlds of their Own Creation. And that practically, almost immediately has leaderships accurately identified for Authorisation Accountability and Lead Programmer Enablements/Shrewd Canny Investment in Future Systems AIdDrivers so beloved of Virgin Stock Markets/Clean Slate Operations.

Facts or fictions are the hanging questions dangled to entangle the truly worthy there.

I Kid U Not. Have a nice day, y’all, and have a nice 0day too. 🙂


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