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Re: The Missed Point ……. Noblesse Oblige?!

Boiling once again to East vs West, which is best shenanigans, does blighty play world leader, or proverbial pawn piggy in the man in the middle attack in such predictive index great games play?, that truly is the question. …. Cliff Thorburn

With specific regard to the question …..”Does blighty play world leader, or proverbial pawn piggy in the man in the middle attack in such predictive index great games play?” …… surely is all freely, widely available evidence currently proving the latter to be the case, rather the former, CT.

And that is as a direct result of the distinct lack in this postmodern quantum communicative age of vital valiant intelligence and virile viral information in those services and instruments traditionally tasked or usually unusually expected to provide them to governments and businesses via the virtual back door and practically in secret. You know, those types of Divine Intervention Merchants on the likes of a Holy Crusade, to name but one of them responsible for the Present Right Unholy Mess and Conservative ClusterFCUK, although that would have governments having to admit to themselves that they actually followed remote third party advice to be effective and successful rather than be in command and control of anything vaguely essential themselves …… and some find that an impossible pill to take and thus struggle forever and perish ingloriously against the flow.

When admittedly true though, is it easily quite permanently fixed with such a lost supply line securely and stealthily restored through a vast array with any number of protective obfuscating proxy server agents in the play at both the forefront and in the darkened background and deep underground layers of the Great Game with ITs Greater IntelAIgent Games Players.


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Re: The Standard Abiding Problem

And here are some words on one of those finding a difficult pill impossible for them to swallow and thus do they continually flounder in a huge see of their own imperious ignorance and arid arrogance …… Zealots ‘R’ Us

And don’t you just love this glaring omission in the script ………. Leaving aside what Duncan Smith meant by the “natural order” ……. which one may safely assume and presume to be a quite delusional Almighty Blighty, methinks.

It is just so damn difficult to get any decent staff these days, isn’t it? Thank goodness for the fact that we all live in the comfort of hope springing eternal and therefore the very real likelihood of suitable answers always being readily eventually inevitably available from A.N.Others equipped to provide what is essentially missing.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 12 Jul 09:15 [2007120915] …… seeking clarification on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/07/10/tony_blair_speech_cyber_polygon_conference/

Hellish Opposition is No Ally to Friend and Foe alike.

Tony Blair apparently “Didn’t do God”. …… Lunatic Looking For Asylum

Was that not more Alastair Campbell, LLFA, who had his own daemons to do battle with?


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