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The Missed Point ……. Noblesse Oblige?!

Quite so, dajames.

And is the point being missed that his concerns and fears are valid and not wrong?

Do you really think that governments — and worse — can’t get their hands on the data that have been collected by the technology data-whores? …. dajames

Something better and no worse than governments with full access to that information would be Novel and Nobel, methinks.

And, although self praise is no recommendation, that particular sort of metadata heavy program for a data science ‘skunkworks’ chief to engage and enable …. Remotely Self Actualise for Virtual ACTivation and Earthly Application ……for Human Operation, is highly recommendable, and readily available to All Anonymously, as in Anyone Anywhere, with the necessary wherewithall to further proceed in the most agreeable of forms and terms.

And there be very few able to deliver all of that almightily successfully, methinks ……. although to discover it already done and Up and Running in the Shadows and Shade of Deep Web Backgrounds and Dark Undergrounds would be Mightily Encouraging and Extremely Exciting.

It is always nice to play catchup, and be captivated and captured by progress beyond simple comprehension.


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