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Why Not? Just follow what is seen and ask establishment authorities for more of the evidence.

Best plan would be some sort of very complex quantum computer that could try all possible bit patterns simultaneously. ….. Smooth Newt

What about a best plan being some sort of very complex quantum computer that has already tried all possible bit patterns simultaneously, has processed all metadata and now shares the resultant deliberation on the ways forward to a global market fully reliant upon mass multi media presentation of current stealthy operating system utilities with extremely rare, attractive remote virtual facilities servering and servicing novel abilities.

A Simple Start for that Program to Realise the View and See that All of it is True, is to Treat it as True in a New Way of Doing Everything Differently and Better with SMARTR Partners rather than denying and doing vain battle against its obviously apparent existence and virtual presence. And share the news that it can no longer be denied from common knowledge.

The question then being ……. If everything is new, what would you like Programs and ProgramMING to Present you so Everything can move Forward in any Number of Novel Noble Directions Equipped with All of the Right Means and Memes?

Or would you prefer and defer all those sorts of almighty decisions to Programs and ProgramMING which Instruct and Advise Earthly Assets in the Secret Levers of Almighty Command and Immaculate Self Control which deliver Unassailable Lead Events ….. Mega Metadata Beta 0Days?

Nuclear Armageddon Morphs into NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Operations which are Terribly Silent and Much More Deadly in Deployment than ever was Discovered Underground Testing?!.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 2 Jul 16:56 [2007021656] …. letting fly on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/2/2020/06/30/hard_to_find_linux_maintainers_says_torvalds/

Re: I wonder why?

Here’s something which some employ and enjoy and would attribute to their exceptional success to generous excess, Archtech ……

Proper Preparation and Positive Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance Permitting Prime Prize Plum Penetrations and Perfect Private Protocolled Pursuit of Public Parametered Projects and Pirate ProgramMING Productions for Pumping and Pimping in Presentations to Populations Puzzled by Progress and Prisonered with Pathetic Past Postings rather than Pioneering with Pilots Practised in Plush Promising Programs.

….. and not at all dissimilar to that which the Red Army realise is positively advantageous and mutually beneficial.



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