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Re: I wonder why?

yet desgning and implementing a commercial fail-safe distributed OS for real certainly twisted my mind – I have no desire to spend the next 20 years going back into kernel space, so have respect for those who are prepared to take on the challenge. …… Anonymous Coward

That is certainly respect well earned, AC, for it is the kernel space which drivers and renders the physical environment a result of mega metadata base manipulation/reorganisation which leads and paints the Greater Bigger Pictures with engaging tales and exciting news for IT Services and Mass Multi Media Moguls to present and realise.

And as complicated as that may seem to be, it is extremely easily done whenever one has enlightened enlightening scripts to follow as one does whenever blessed with comprehensive instruction books akin to Ye Olde OEM Workshop Manuals.

Surely though, such has always been the way of quickly and radically fundamentally changing things for humans on Earth? Anything else would suggest there is no intelligent order to guarantee future events with everything then being dressed up for chaos and displayed in mayhem and delivered by Ignorati rather Illuminati.


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Re: Oh FFS ….. MI6 Does Dallas ….. Capturing Cowboys and Captivating Cowgirls

That you can break in somewhere doesn’t imply you’re the best person to defend against an attack. It means you’re going to be good at testing a defence, but the skillsets are absolutely not identical. …. Anonymous Coward

Uncommon Knowledge in SMARTR IntelAIgent Spaces, AC, and Absolutely Vital for Programming Programs Guaranteeing All with Future Successful Delivery of Incredible Novel Content for Daily Presentation …… Stop Press Breaking News.

Advanced IntelAIgent GCHQ Services Tempt NSA Needs, FSB Feeds and Myriad Other Alternate Seeds? The quandary and dilemma and conundrum presented as being current there, is whether it is necessarily either a Public Service or Private Enterprise for when it can be both is it something entirely quite different from everything that was freely or expensively made available before.

And some things, and that above is most certainly one of those things, should never ever be ignored for it lands one deep into dark perils with precious few means of easy escape readily to hand ie in simple terms, it puts one in mortal danger of extreme consequences in a heady cocktail of Just Desserts and Heavenly Retribution to Stabilise Return to Yet Another True Order in Chaotic Operations Minus the Unnecessary Baggage of Dead Weights/Lost Souls in Opposition and/or Unfriendly Competition.

And yes, that does all make perfect sense and is freely available for furthering deeper into the dark and dank shadows of putrid systems in elite exclusive executive operations.

And just as sunlight to the vampire, not an exercise to be trifled with, given the dire permanent outcome of such follies as shun the light of day on one’s activities.



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