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Re: Leet Hackers Corp

In order to be successful at defense you also have to be good at attack. This would essentially require that the Army, train or employ quite a few Leet Hackorz… ……. Khaptain

Actually, it is nowhere near being quite so simple, Khaptain, for in order to be effective and successful in either cyber defence or virtual attack, a few Leet Hackorz are needed to train and employ MOD forces and sources, and that is problematical for Ministries and Departments of Defence and Defense …….. for defending the indefensible in support of the maintenance and retention of a status quo perversion and protection of the inequitable is never ever an interesting and thoroughly rewarding goal for anyone/anything used to exercising intelligence and being used intelligently.

So ……. despite any initial euphoria which might accompany such a development as the standing up of a 250-strong 13th Signal Regiment to be more active with proactivity in sensitive combative communications fields, they are destined and guaranteed to suffer constant defeat doing battle with a relatively anonymous phantom-like enemy of their own invention, whenever such as is revealed above is their Prime Directive and Overarching Mission.

However ….. a simple fundamental change in Prime Directive and Overarching Mission radically changes the guaranteed outcome with novel results.


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