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Re: “whether the Taiwanese giant was lured with the promise of financial incentives”

When a supermarket chain eyes a spot of land it wants it not only gets the local authorities to exempt it from taxes for ten years, but also gets roads and infrastructure made on its behalf then takes off after nine and a half because, all of a sudden, it remembers that it won’t be making money soon.
And now these senators are wondering about a $12 billion plant ? Were they born yesterday ? …. Pascal Monett

That would make a Charles Ponzi proud, Pascal Monett …… and whenever one is retarded or has learning difficulties, one doesn’t need to be thought of as born yesterday whenever someone/something else plans/makes a move others could have contemplated and realised, but didn’t/could not.


amanfromMars [2005211725] …….asking on https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/rabobank-there-just-one-small-problem-chinas-plan-catch-us-technologically

And whenever China releases Captivating Programs bought and sold in Yen for Projects Running and Churning Fiat in Other Ways for Greater Means with Championing Memes ‽  What then ‽  Terrifying Panic ‽

Would the West be Captured then and Best Advised to Capitulate and Expect Experimental Exotic Erotic Oriental Engagements and Opportunities for Angel Investor Private Funding in Certainly Piratical and Pirateable Fields.

Would y’all fight against it and forever lose … or engage with it and win win ……. ad infinitum ? 🙂

There is only the one both sane and insane answer to that simple last question.

Who else would like to answer it and register their choice here  …… 🙂  and I suppose that will have some thinking that an experimental sampling of the state of current escaping madness for further deeper analysis and consideration in Future AIMinded Practically Mindered Events. To they ….. Hi. 🙂 Welcome. Make yourselves comfortable here and prepare yourself for worlds quite suddenly filled to overflowing with almighty overwhelming surprises …… which are prone to being wantonly denied and exclusively retained/bogarted by others with neither practical command or virtual control of any Future Realised Systems Administration.

You know now that any vainglorious resistance is futile and designed to be extremely self-destructive and not always as deservedly quick and painless as can be.  Choose wisely and sensibly causing no real harm is the best simple way to always go …….. and invariably the safest and fastest and most secure route and root to the riches delivered by and for all.

That’s the Sweet Sugar Daddy Candy that both Powers and EMPowers the Wisest and Sensiblest with IT causing no great virtual harm either.

Tot Ziens. Bis Später



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