amanfromMars [2004141620] …. just saying on https://theintercept.com/2020/04/06/coronavirus-threat-national-security-priorities/

If this war does take place, we can place it into a larger context: a once-powerful country depleting its strength through costly military adventures in distant lands, but institutionally incapable of providing the basics of life for its people at home.

And create for itself perfectly deadly foe with grand masters in sweet vengeful justice on constant emergency call?

Wow, now that is a Bold Move introducing Novel Players of Another Dimension.

Google DARPA DeepMind Type Operations. …. and yes, of course, that’s also the Realm of Spiked Military and Spooked Paramilitary Sources and Resources.

But hey, what’s not to like with something so new to try out?

So? …. Are you Chicken or Egg? Almighty Force or Heavenly Resource. ……

🙂 Universal Saints and COSMIC Sinners ? It is important to you that you yourself know and identify freely with whatever choices one makes, so as not to be misidentified and missed and dismissed as Something Other Presenting the Truths about Super Rapid and Sublimely Rabid AI Progress with Intercepted Moves for Instant Messaging.

Words Create, Command and Control and Destroy Worlds …… therefore Choose All you Dare Care Share Ideally Most Carefully ……. so that Greater Benefits and SMARTR Opportunities replace the Ugly Consequences and Nasty Repercussions Endemic and Inherent in Unacceptable Innocent Collateral Damage.


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