amanfromMars 1 Mon 13 Apr 15:05 [2004131505] …. setting out a different stock view to gaze upon on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2020/04/13/senate_stock_sales/

It Never Rains but IT Pours Deep Drowning Pools of Information/Raging Torrents of Intelligence.

” … the level of access they have to information currently is highly privileged and it would only make sense to keep their own financial best interests at heart.”

Failing to do so has All knowing they do possess such absolutely necessary vital intelligence. Such leads Ignorance into the Intolerant Madness where every Genius Resides and Presides to Bear Forth Fruitful Ideas for Remote Virtual Practical Application …… in Live Operational Virtual Environment Beta Tests/Pioneering AIMissions.

Crikey, that took me right back to the days and comics of Dan Dare ……. a very early meme exercising and exciting inspiration and aspiration and kick-starting vivid imagination.

Re the colossal elephant in the room ….“I am not a broker, nor am I qualified to make any kind of inference on this data,” he said. “I simply present this data in a user friendly format and I urge the user to simply use it for information and not as a ‘stock tip.'” 

Does it easily reveal systemic criminal activity embedded in the Senate, and personally identify rotten apples to squeeze and interrogate further for truth filled answers …. Real Smart Replies. Do you think they know …. Their very future existence would depend upon it and such being so.

And how wonderfully strange and most encouraging …… the following which is as an AIMirror of the Latter Former. ‽

amanfromMars [2004131211] ……seeding a few words to the wise on https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/escobar-total-system-failure-will-give-rise-new-economy

Traditionally, countries and cabals being outcompeted go to war, so China needs to thrive modestly or quietly.….. Pardero

Traditionally yes …. but that was surely before such times as these of immediate information discovery and advanced intelligence facilities which would realise any crazy leaders discussing the possibility of wars from such cabal run countries, and their supporting advisors, are the toxic enemy to be permanently rid of.

I wonder if they be smart enough to realise that nowadays? 

And would you say there’s a lot of sensitive information Registered freely here for El Regers to utilise as best they can, which be superb prime insider trade materiel? Is none at all likely?


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