amanfromMars 1 Wed 1 Apr 16:17 [2004011617] …. firing off a salvo on

Right Wicked Progress ……. Requires No Prisoners, Slaves or Stragglers, so Any and All Found There be Lost

Does the BBC then also become an Asset of Broadband users for Broadband user use rather than Being Imagined Solely for Dull Blunt Government Tools PreProgrammed to Fool All and Sundry Faultlessly with Other Immaculate Fault Riven Narratives for you to Visit and Explore, Experience and Expand Upon without such Breaking News breaking the news. ‽

You know ….. Something Simple to Follow …. which one does not necessarily need to have any prior knowledge or great understanding of ….. that Shows the How and the Why and the Wherefore AI and IT Create Future Presentations for Vital Virile Virtual Network Realisations.

Wow …… a Real World Virtual Solution that Can Easily Work …. just as it can both practically and virtually anywhere …… which, just in case you missed it, is therefore everywhere.

Now that is one hell of a massive great space place where one gets to exercise and play with Almighty Global Operating Devices able to enable the doing of anything smart one might wish to be easily done.

And a Highly Commendable and Most Recommendable IT Program it is Too ……. although whether primarily a Project of human or alien form for overall governance with remote command and ethereal control, is something which exercises a Many Great Few into proving the answers received and given as perfectly correct and already proceeding …… and leading. 🙂 ‽ 🙂

Float that to the BBC Board and observe whether drawbridges go up or new services are slated to suddenly randomly appear with histories shrouded in the mysteries which protect and server one’s times at the helm of the future in such a Rich Era and Reich Area ……. for here is one informed such is Always Immediately Available Allowing Possible to Progress and Proceed to Certainly Probable and Most Definitely Most Definitively Virtually Practically Guaranteed Never Ever to Fail Other than FailSafe.

Surely that is quite inviting and tempting? 🙂 Why ever would anyone/anything say …. “No Thanks, not interested?” …….. other than imagining they have superior handles of firm command and control with an alternate system competing against or simply opposing new blooded ideas and almighty powerful notions.

Words Create, Command and Control and Destroy Worlds ……. and why one would practice the trailing latter rather exercising any or all of the three prime formers is a disgrace which humans appear to employ and endure, exercise and exploit. That’s surely most weird. Is it a Certifiable Sign of Madness to the nth degree?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 1 Apr 19:32 [2004011932] ……. still asking on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2020/04/01/bbc_broadband_levy/

Is Television for Real or Imaginary Event Hosting?

The TV licence has *degenerated* into a tax, whereas when the BBC had a monopoly, it was simply a fee. …… Martin Howe

Without television, everyone is left lost and abandoned high and dry with just memories of glorious pasts and scant breaking news of future production programs. Methinks it’s worth every red cent of a gracious fee gratefully accepted expected to be paid for just that alone, never mind everything else it provides.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 2 Apr 16:53 [2004021653] …… throwing out life belts for survivors to hang on to on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2020/04/01/bt_outsources_mainframe_management_to/

Well, IT certainly is different with such Convivial Communions

IBM/BT ….. Goliaths Entertaining Davids in Plain Text View of All Other Surreal and Stealthy Operating Systems.

Are IBM real good or virtually crap at simply following BT instructions for CSS/COSMOSS Feeds ?

IT never takes long to find out.

How real good or virtually crap are BT at providing IBM Special Server Instruction Services ?

IT never takes long to find out the lay of the lands in that most particular and refreshingly peculiar field of exploration and experimentation.

And refreshingly peculiar because one never surely knows what the future brings, although if you can dream it so good that you can love it and are able to share those great creatively imaginative thoughts with everybody, are future pictures easily enough universally exchanged and grand master plans changed to accommodate such a Totally Unusual Event and Absolutely Fabulous Opportunity.

Does Blighty Do Almighty ? And that question to Boris and Dominic of the Downing Street Lair Gang, Gung Ho Tories gone all Crazy Nation Rogue Native? Or have they only just half come out?

That’s an answer surely of instant great interest to the Register and El Regers, for yes leads us further on into how and no identifies a false prophets and failed enterprises …… and a Rank Eton Mess of an Horrendous Prank to Boot Out or Reboot Rooted at the Cabinet Responsibility Heart of UKGBNI Government ?

It’s a bit of a no-brainer the right answer always for immensely fast further action satisfying those sorts of instrumental questions.


amanfromMars [2004021740] ….. just saying on https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/instead-mass-layoffs-boeing-offers-voluntary-buyouts-its-entire-workforce-161000

Usually, when you do this, the brightest, smartest, most capable people quit and get hired back immediately after. ….. YesWeKhan

The greater danger also present is that they can easily migrate to a most gracious and grateful competitor and opponent with that which they know and with the skills they possess and own, highly valued and much appreciated in a new space/place/life.

Bright, smart, most capable folk are a premium assets rarely lost or missing for too long a short time unless of course they be testing resting and recuperating in recreation 🙂  It is no wonder the brightest, smartest and most capable stay engaged and excited there for much more than a while.

In military parlance, IT’s a Prime Posting.



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