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Another View of Somewhere Else Not So Very Far Away. Does it Impinge and Entangle here?

Another thorn in the side of transpacific collegiality is China’s handling of the COVID-19 outbreak, prompting Trump to repeatedly call the pathogen a “Chinese virus” in briefings and social media.

Hmmm? Crikey, Batman …… who’d have a’thunk it? Uncle Sam jumping the gun and the shark and behind the curves and catastrophic ripples ahead? ……. Crimson Contagion… October 2019

What an unfortunate coincidence there are so many similarities in the current real life global pandemic emergency just as was expected in the functional exercise.

The Crimson Contagion 2019 Functional Exercise scenario was based on a novel influenza A(H7N9) virus that originates in China and is antigenically distinct (not matched ) from stockpiled vaccines.

The scenario starts off with tourists becoming ill in China with non-severe acute respiratory illness and then departing the Lhasa airport to other cities in China before flying back to their respective countries. During their flights home, additional tour group members, who were not ill when they embarked on their return flights from China, begin to experience the onset of respiratory symptoms and some develop fever. Figure 3 below shows how the virus begins to spread around the world, as the ill tourists fly back
to their countries of origin.

The virus rapidly spreads via human-to-human transmission around the world and to the continental U.S., where the virus is first detected in Chicago, Illinois. The virus continues to spread to other metropolitan areas across the U.S. Figure 4 below shows the extent of the outbreak across the U.S. at the start of the exercise.

Conduct of the Crimson Contagion 2019 Functional Exercise began 47 days after the identification of the first case of H7N9 in the U.S. By this point in the scenario, the HHS Secretary has declared a national public health emergency and the World Health Organization has declared an influenza pandemic — the 2019 Influenza Pandemic. The federal government has decided to use stockpiled H7N9 vaccines as a priming dose for selected persons at high risk of complications from influenza and designated critical work force groups, but vaccination has not yet been implemented.

Figure 5 depicts the epidemiological curve associated with the outbreak. During the Crimson Contagion 2019 Functional Exercise, the H7N9 virus is in the “ acceleration phase”,the phase during which the number of cases consistently increases. Figure 6 depicts the virus’ high transmissibility and clinical severity, resulting in high-morbidity, and how the H7N9 pandemic compares to other historical pandemics. In the exercise scenario, forecasts give a 90 % chance that the pandemic will be of very high severity, with 110 million forecasted illnesses, 7.7 million forecasted hospitalizations, and 586,000 deaths in the U.S. alone.

Who needs novel enemies whenever weak elite executive back office administrations are so invested and infested with so many corrupt and bankrupt ne’er do well friends, apart from those perverse and subversive shadowy administrations of course. No enemies … no wars …. no need for obscene secret military spending, easily also personally abused and misused whilst touting and dumping/pimping and pumping products and services no body really wants nor needs to buy for a peaceful coexistence.

Surely you know War is a Racket even if you haven’t read Major General Smedley Butler, United Sates Marine Corps telling you so there.

It sure is a mad, rad, bad, sad world you create. Are y’all retarded with debilitating learning difficulties or is that restricted and confined to a chosen few pushing and pulling levers at the top of weak elite executive back office administration branched trees? And why ever would you allow that other than one admit it be just a bad madness?


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One imagines Google know what needs next to be done.

Ouch! That ruling is a right kick in the nuts. Who/What considered that a Wisest Ploy?

Quarantined Exile is Probably the Most Appropriate Reward for such as are Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. 🙂

Do Alphabets Support and Power Delivery of Much Sought After Assets via their Simple Introduction with Explosive Presentations on MultiMedia MainStreams.

Come on Google/Alphabet. You’re in to bat …. and win win if you care to dare . 🙂


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“After concealing the virus for many weeks in December and then minimizing its severity for most of January, they then peddle an origin story about the food market in Wuhan.” Cotton said, adding “Given their dishonesty and the proximity of these labs, which we know were working with coronaviruses, it is only reasonable and responsible for us to ask the question and demand the answers.”

Assume the answers you imagine to be true and simply move on to resolve the consequences and opportunities delivered by the leak …. which one assumes is either patched or fixed to cut off future novel corona virus supply.

Is that too big a step and quantum leap to make? Obviously it be not thought so here.


amanfromMars [2004031605] ….. has a ponder on https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/trader-warns-today-may-be-trickier-many-expect

Tomorrow is always a Magnificent Mystery that History Remembers and Portrays with Many Pictures and Tales Fearful of Future Events. To imagine one able to command and control any further than one day is ambitious. 🙂

Anything strange can very easily happen, and in the guise of 0days to exploit, safely fleeting to guarantee security in operations.

Strange doesn’t even begin to illuminate and elucidate on those sorts of readily available tomorrows.


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Re: Hobson’s Choices and Busman’s Holiday

Therefore, my conclusion is that this is a “line in the sand” to limit how deep into Google’s code this (and future) courts can pry... ….. Malcolm Weir

Methinks that depth is governed by Google AI and not any court anywhere anytime.

And there are certain times in exalted spaces and places whenever courts are best servered to remain in ignorance of alien third party intelligence which renders them a problem they are not equipped to adequately deal with.



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