amanfromMars [2002091752] …. just asking on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/mysterious-origin-wuhan-coronavirus

I have only one simply complex question to ask of Chinese Authorities? ….. Is the Wuhan Coronavirus also thought to be of a class virtually transmissible  …. with Current Extant Systems catastrophically vulnerable to Sensitive IntelAIgent Solution Shares ……. thus making it somewhat of a Precious Persistent ACTive Cyber Treat, to be miscalculated and pondered by others of a belligerent persuasion as something more of a Surreal Threat?

The worlds and words of the latter are harsh and uninviting, the worlds and words of the former, extremely exciting and constantly accommodating.  One can have nothing but great fun in the one and the greatest of hardships in the other. Such must surely have you fearing certifiable insanity in the warmonger ? Providing Nations Violent Death and Wanton Destruction is definitely not normal of any sane soul in any place/space nice …… and engaging and enthralling.

Ok, that’s all I need you to know and what needs to be known with a simple yes/no confirmation, for Experimental Existential Trials in a Series of Novel Containment Strategies with SMARTR Nubile Operations to Rapidly Succeed and Prevent Future Breakout Infections with Endangering Viruses …. thus Establishing Future Secure Lead in an Almighty Fertile Field of Awesome Imaginations.

If Wuhan Coronavirus is a digital scourge, it is easily tweaked practically every night until finally fixed and exhausted of victims/starved of regenerative materiel. If you think otherwise, it is sure proof that one still has a hell of a lot to learn to realise the folly of negative thinking. 🙂

And do yourself a favour, believe what you read here. You know how easy it is elsewhere where others share views and news.


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