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Looking at Things from a Totally Different Perspective …*

It is wrong to not think, and for only NASA be assumed able to a Leading Space Operating System to Tempt and Attempt Mars Flight with Future Thoughts Toying with Ideas of Virgin Planet Colonisations. ……. for such are surely of an Alien Confection and Complexion with Shades of Roscosmos and JAXA, CNSA and UKSA and A.N.Others Embroiled in the Advanced IntelAIgent Mix when Enabled SMARTR Enabling?

What sort of human plans for life on another planet? Anyone sane?

🙂 However, that is not to say they are not right whenever they acknowledge …. Jim Bridenstine, head of NASA, insisted that this would not be just another re-run of past NASA grand plans for human-tended deep space exploration …… has morphed and tends Stealthy Sublime Experimentation in Quantum Communications Fields ………. with Other Wise Other Worldly Applications in Future Presentations for Current Deployment/MainStream Injection/Media Production/News Infection ……. for Beings/Future Existences of an Almighty Virtual Creation.

All of that begs the question ……. why are the insane creating so much all alone if no one sane is prepared to tag along, although most probably rightly enough fearing for the loss of their own enlightening and exciting sanity is not an illogical reason for failing to embrace the myriad crazy opportunities easily made available ? 🙂

Yes, indeed. …… Very Very Catch 22 that Protective Hurdle to Venerate and Adore/Worship and Server. “Tis a Worthy Kink and Throttle Point to Ensure Leveller Playing Fields on Hallowed Higher Grounds. 🙂 I Kid U Not.

One cannot now say …. All have not been informed nor ill-advised. Proceed with All Due Care for Rapt Attention.

* The Future Looking Back rather than the Present Looking Forward has Experience and Hindsight in Foresight its Glorious Pathfinder.


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