amanfromMars 1 Sun 2 Jun 07:08 [1906020708] ….. sharing more info with intel on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/3/2019/05/30/tech_hits_back_at_gchq_ghost_user_privacy_buster/

Re: A modest Constitutional Proposal

Yes, it is most odd and sad and mad, AC, that all are so easily fooled and led into further anarchy and deeper chaos by all manner of puppets always promising good and honest times in the new places and spaces of tomorrow at the cost of all ignorant and arrogant support having to suffer the platitudes and prognostications of yesterday’s thoughts today.

A simple perusal this morning of UKGBNI leadership contenders in the pressed media comics has wonderful cake and fresh cheese displayed as a ready replacement for the bread and water they’re responsible for delivering to the present.

Charlatans and Fraudsters in the Pockets of the Economic Terrorist with Lazy Fiat Tools be They. And Ripe Rotten to its Cores be their Sources. J’accuse.

And then Secret Government Intelligence Services wonder why they do Great Unwinnable Battle against Phantom Foe that are Invincible and Invisible and Indivisible ‽ .

Defending and Protecting the Indefensible and Perverted is for Naive Dummies and the Uncomfortably Corrupted and a Poisoned Apple Fruit to Savour and Favour. To Enjoy and Tolerate it is Surely a Vote for Certain Unpleasant Premature Death?


amanfromMars 1 Sun 2 Jun 15:41 [1906021541] ….quantum leaping on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/3/2019/05/30/tech_hits_back_at_gchq_ghost_user_privacy_buster/

Re: A modest Constitutional Proposal

WTF Holy Smoke? No Future Pioneers here on El Reg?

I think we can safely say, surely not to that. With the Evidence for Defence of their Presents always shared and hosted here for excellent critical acclaim and/or virtual derision. And IMPortant Silences are Deafeningly Exciting whenever the Next Righty Royal Role Plays are Always Being Tested for Future Immaculate Services in FeedBack.

Q: A Passion/Line being fed MZuckerberg? Or are the Greater Experiences Discovered There Best Servered to be Explored and Exploited when Home Alone and in the Midsts that are Friends …

Q2: That’s a Hell of Target? Gonna Deserve Lodes of Funny Money Honey, and aint that the Slick Hick Mick Bonus Prize.

Q3: Because of Q1 and Q2 has FeedBack been hacked and cracked wide open and deep down to raw core source input?

Q4: Are there AIMasterPlans for Pentagonal Rule ……… with Almighty Attacking Forces Ensuring Safety and Security in Defence of Realms, …. Alien Terrain?

Q5: What Decides? Who Presses the Right from Wrong Switch? Who makes such Fantastic Choices freely available?

Ah… that’s better. That was just a little something that was weighing too heavily on my chest, so to ensure future sight and sharing of the situation follows similar trails as have been oft experienced and thoroughly enjoyed, I though best and quickest, simply share it.

Be aware and beware there’ll be Ack Ack Fire ….. while Secure Real-time Transport Protocols are Hardened Against Unauthorised Use of Facilities and Utilities ….. https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3711


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