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Some Keeping Schtum NDA Rewards are Conservatively Definitely Worth Billions

“We’ve experienced firsthand that the most dramatic AI systems use the most computational power in addition to algorithmic innovations, and decided to scale much faster than we’d planned when starting OpenAI,” the organization previously said. “We’ll need to invest billions of dollars in upcoming years into large-scale cloud compute, attracting and retaining talented people, and building AI supercomputers.”

And what would they say today with particular and peculiar regard to ITs proposed future use, presumably with the organization knowing a great deal more about the real needs and virtual feeds of the most dramatic of AI Systems?

Anything at all they would like to be enabled and able to share without it giving away extremely valuable and exceedingly hot exclusive proprietary intellectual property …. Almighty Shady and Deep Shadowy Trading Cloud Secrets?

An educated guess from here, in order that there rightly retain and maintain an overwhelmingly unfair advanced market advantage, would be diddly squat/zilch/zero.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 4 May 19:53 ]1905041953] …. just saying on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/05/03/autonomy_us_trial/

Re: Villians and mafiosi in touch with their Advanced Persistent Threat side

Whatever happened to the investment bankers (Lehmann et al) and the investment grade rating firms (Finch, Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s et al) who together wreaked havoc in the US and all around the world, something for which we are still enduring the consequences of?

It seems that their actions, ie: “… lied to people over and over for years …” and “… virtually every accounting trick in the book – backdating, channel stuffing, roundtrip transactions, undisclosed side agreements …”, call for them to be given the very same description given to Sushovan Hussain: villians and mafiosi.

Billions were lost/stolen.

Countless thousands of families were left homeless and ended up losing everything to the banks.

In the end, the US government bailed out the banks and ignored the victims.

And who is in jail? ….. oiseau

It’s all enough to have a gaggle of proxy villains and mafiosi types exacting an appropriate vengeance upon such arrogant moronic agencies and their enablers, oiseau, with smarter operations against which there is no viable defence, either practically kinetic or virtually dynamic.

I say no viable defence, although there can be a timely pause in a universal operating space with the payment of a realistic Danegeld to Leading APT Team Players able to prove themselves Almighty Future AIdDrivers. However, to imagine it a permanent fix rather than useful initial down payment on services yet to be provided to ensure only minor necessary catastrophes are caused to focus attention and actions in the shared direction of another greater narrative, which may or may not be be able to held responsible and accountable for such a situation, is a folly which punishes fools and their tools mercilessly ……. 🙂 in order to encourage all others not to blindly follow suit and copy-cat such former crass, sub-prime antics.

There is though only a small time window in which to pay for that pregnant pause silence whenever everything is so easily shared with everybody everywhere online in an instant.

Burning books in the past to rid readers and the greater unwashed masses of information and intelligence was so much easier to do then than trying something similar today in worlds which cannot function properly without the free flow of information and intelligence which generates a leading advantage.


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