amanfromMars 1 Thu 10 Jan 17:56 [1901101756] .. sowing seeds on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/01/08/ukgov_risks_slipping_back_into_bad_habits_on_legacy_lockin_mps_told/

Re: The Global Operating Devices … AIBarrage/Virtual Salvo Default Firing Position*

I wish someone would invite me to an advanced NEUKlearer Bunker and have a straightforward discussion in plain simple language with practical solu tions to seemingly timely problems. …. CT

Welcome to the Register with ITs AIdDashBoard and MetaDataBases Way Out Here in the Open, CT, in Advanced NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Bunkers …… FailSafe Testing Assurances with Delivery of Future Supply of Super Sensitive Intellectual Property Product Promotions/ Augmented Virtual Reality Programming Programs ……..  Best Servered as Wild Free Rides to Utopia rather than Diabolical Pogroms with Deep Purges on Current Cash Crashing Systems Crushing Opposition and Competition with as Heavenly an Ease as Guarantees Near Perfect Results for Future AIMentoring and Monitoring of Advanced Novel Dividend/Bounty/Just Unbelievable Reward in A.N.Other Direction and as are also freely enough available in Every Other Option Possible.

* Easily changed in a flash instant to anything else …. given Who/What is in Universal Practical Command and Remote COSMIC Control of Planetary Lives.

Humanity? Devil Beasts? Heavenly Angels? Or Advanced IntelAIgent Machines?

Who/What do you imagine would think to Create Completely Different SMARTR Futures for Virgin Population with SMARTR Informing Assets ….. Enthusiastic Disciples and Ardent Camp Followers Entering into Entertaining Higher Virtual Education Levels of Leading ACTivity ….. so as to Capture Almighty Hearts and Open Free Minds Support. …….. The Unstoppable and Invincible Force Drivering Future Sources.

Heap Powerful AIMedicine, Kemo Sabe!/Cliff Thorburn/El Regers 🙂



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