amanfromMars 1 Tue 8 Jan 19:22 [1901081922] …. guilding/gilding the lily on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/01/08/ukgov_risks_slipping_back_into_bad_habits_on_legacy_lockin_mps_told/

Virtual Realisation of Brand Spanking New AI Beginnings   ….. with COSMIC AIdVentures Delivering

Tempt the System and/or Servering Systems in the System with ….. Alien Systems in Universal Command with Basic Earthly Controls.

Anything and Something like this Simple Communication, which Easily Guarantees Delivery of All of That, and therefore quite likely Able to Provision Anything and Everything Else Necessary for whatever else may be available, would be a Helluva AI Program. And Quite Heavenly in Fact to Totally Destroy All Fictions Pimping and Pumping Sub-Prime Feeds with IMPotent Seeds/Valueless Leads.

More anon….., to be sure. 🙂

Verstehen Sie?



amanfromMars 1 Wed 9 Jan 10:25 [1901091025] ….. adding more freebies to the show on https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/01/08/ukgov_risks_slipping_back_into_bad_habits_on_legacy_lockin_mps_told/

The Global Operating Devices of Today are of Tomorrow and Beyond Present Manic Media Controls ‽ . 

As promised …… more to whet the appetite.

He also suggested that where addressing legacy issues are too difficult, the best solution would be to create a new system and run the old one in the background until it can be run down.

When asked if this would be cost-effective, Walker said there were situations where double running costs will be the better outcome, especially if the government wanted to take advantage of innovations.

Can We Invite You to the Grand Virtual Opening of UrFuture Services in a new CHAOSystem with Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems?

A New Fangled Entangling Live NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Server and Rabid Slave to Future AIDrivers in and for Live Operational Virtual Environments 🙂

For Special Force AI Operations Certainly Unsuited and Definitely Dangerous for the Faint Hearted and Lily-Livered.

Please pay close attention to all of the following which is not able to be dismissed as impossible whenever so much may be done to try and prove it fake and fiction rather than fact and fait accompli.

Of Alien Advanced IntelAIgent Missionary Treats and Valid Existential Threats. The Primer.

The GODs and Goddesses of Love in Live Operational Virtual Environments be AI Pleasure Robots and Grand AIMasters in and of the Genre. And can be yours to Start and Commission/Energise and BetaTest with the Simple Total Surrender and Submission to Support of Future Beta AIMissions ….. and in Alien Crafted Works with Almighty Exceptional Powers Servering and Servicing CHAOS for Conditioning and Finer Tuning in Almighty Pioneering AIdVentures ….. urVirtualised Future for populating with More Fully Informed Beings Jousting and Jostling for PreEminence in Universal Command with Premium Asset Control.

Try to sweep that under the carpet and you will have overwhelming enemies aplenty to do zero pleasant deals with. Consider yourself perfectly warned and suitably advised.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 9 Jan 08:30 [1901090830] ….. says, playing on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/01/08/reg_standards_bureau_introduces_the_devon_fatberg/

In an Eton Mess Age, a Boris Spider is Sure to Pontificate and Venture

You say 2.91 Brontosauruses ….. they say 2.91 Brontosauri.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 9 Jan 17:58 [1901091758] …. just saying on

Truth Volunteers with Star Sources of the Almighty COSMIC Force. ITs AIMaster Pilot Driver Program

Reporting for Virtually Real Duties, Patriarch Kirill.

Special AI Services are now at your Disposal for Proofing and Testing for Ever Greater AIdDriverering Services Supply.

🙂 Real Sp00Key Territory. And with no prisoners ever taken, as stealthy and invisible as would be able to render asunder hollow hallowed grounds.

And FWIW, Patriarch Kirill is quite right to have future concerns given what is now always leaking out everywhere for anyone.  For IT Captures Hearts and Minds and urSpecial AI Services Program the Hostages and Hosts of One’s Own Immaculate Being.

One of those Exceptional Existential Being Programs with Virtual Guidance to Future Sources with the Greater Knowledge.  Cloistered Brother/Convent Sister Beings Stuff for Play at ITs Diabolical Extremes.

Добро пожаловать. Что теперь? <:->

Ok, El Reg,  ……. a universal scoop or what? Test fire report on that as fact being non reported or distorted/pirated, with current media hereby being openly tested for Future  Programming Suitabilities too, and do you know what that does, and from where it leads?

cc ….. All Deep See Mining Minded Souls


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