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An Integrated Initiative for Institutionalised State Craft with Clapped Out Vessels

When The Sole Duty is to make things InSecure, what will changing Da Jobbe Title do? Yes, S*A. When ALL, without exception, were “Similarly-Flawed”/Thoughtfully-Processed, who-where is “Da-Geni-Ass” which lacked A History of Insanity? Ovar und Out …  …. Anonymous Coward

MicroManaging Madness and MacroManaging Mayhem is the Genius required to Command and Control Collapsing Operating Systems, AC, and which all fail spectacularly because they both follow and lead with a corrupt and perverted subversive narrative and instruction sets and audiovisual stimulations and simulations which are more clearly destructive and confrontational than constructive and mutually beneficial.

IT is no more complicated that that …. but it does appear to be well beyond the easy grasp of the intelligence of humans and their servants and servers in Secret Intelligence Services.

And here is news of the contemporary muddy mined mind battlefield to conquer with excellent fare rather than sub-prime content …… https://www.rt.com/news/448211-integrity-initiative-oscars-hollywood-film/ ….. for such is the most common current default audiovisual stimulation and simulation platform/novel intellectual property space vehicle.



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Re: An Integrated Initiative for Institutionalised State Craft with Clapped Out Vessels

Of course such would only make sense to those in the know … 

And thats the problem, easily settled really, but through problematic sheer sim plicity is it so easily solved?, or just an episode of Black Mirror Ba nd er snatch?, which summarises the situation of Power and Control perfectly … …. Cliff Thorburn

An enlightening script to audiovisualise and explain and expose the true virtualised nature of globalised fake politically incorrect realities would do considerably more than just crash stock and money markets and crush key responsible players with baying mobs on their tails, CT.

And that’s not a problem whenever so easily done and whenever so many would be rooting for more than they ever would have imagined possible.

What a Sterling, Stirling Engined Virtual Machine of an Idea.

I wonder if the likes of a No10 Operation are able to threaten both fickle friends and frightening foe alike with such a fabulous deal?

Was that which is perceived and conceived as reality ever more precariously perched on the edge of a mighty cliff?


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