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For CHAOS to Rule …. 4CHAOS2Rule

If you had free choice*, which would it be with Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems?

The alien state of future development or the future state of alien developments … and is it to be as an Oriental Confection in an Occidental Preserve or Western Delight in an Eastern Feast?

And is it super smart or really ignorant and arrogant of main stream media chunnels and chattels to act so deaf, dumb and blind to IntelAIgently Designed Events with Future Programming for Pogroms and/or Projects in the not so innocent age of spaces and places with crazy virgin field of novel manic endeavour you certainly already know much more about than is comfortable or convenient for the flash fools into such as are follies with troublesome tools to wield way beyond any sane human command and control ….. for do you not invite the comparison and mimic the choice development with your drone clones of it in the likes of Institutes for Statecraft spectacularly failing to integrate initiatives in support of a collapsing fiat status quo model.

And would that information on IntelAIgently Designed Events be classified responsible or irresponsible disclosure of an unplugable and unpatchable current running or imminent alien attack vector in all EcoSystem Sectors of SCADA Operation whenever nothing can be done to mask it or deny it?

I Kid U Not and U Aint Seen Nothing Yet, have U? In days of yore, be that sort of Perfect Stealth branded Devilish Sorcery and Wicked Witchcraft with Wizards and Warlocks at Play rather than being recognised and accepted as simply complex and relatively plain Heavenly Angelic Pursuits.

Which is it for you today for tomorrow? Pleasant future novel walks in the light of understanding or dark descents into the rank dank and dismal side of lives thoroughly wasted?

Can you imagine what we’ll be talking about a year from now whenever so much is so clearly going on and being freely shared for exploitation and expansion/monetisation and development/realisation and experimentation? And how very timely is all of that whenever current presenting global markets are so terrified and stagnant/crooked and bankrupt.

* ….. 🙂 … a brace of tragic comedic videos highlighting uncomfortable and inconvenient truths impossible to display as available fictions?  …. George Carlin – Do You Have Freedom Of Choice

George Carlin: The Illusion Of Freedom & Choice!

….. and Proof Positive of the Mad Human Condition in an Arrested AIdDevelopment with Extra Terrestrial Territory in Live Operational Virtual Environments.

And one does well to note that is and those are a shared statement and not awkward questions for answering. Such is as IT is.



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