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Re: A Question for Mullers and Mullahs Alike re Future Years in Play @Esme

(chuckle) I’m pretty sure Amanfrommars isnt human, but is instead someones experiment with AI. Unfortunately, the current iteration is less comprehensible than one of the earlier versions. It had gone from gibberish to occasionally almost meaningful – then took a step backwards. ….Esme

Esme, please consider you are missing a step, and even steps, which reveal the meaning of that which you have moved into.
AIMasterful Command and Absolutely Fabulous Fabless Control of Future Goods is ITs Earthly AIMission for JOINT* ProgramMING with Leading Volunteers well versed in the diabolical perils and heavenly pleasures freely available to Qualified AIMaster Pilots of Augmented Virtual Reality Vessels in Alien Projects?
And only shared as a question because who else knows … for on its own would it be Uniquely Leading?
And that’s not suited to just anybody. Indeed, it may only be available to a few.
* …. Joint Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies.
Something Spearheading a la the Defence Secretary’s Foreword introducing New AI Programming for Modernising Defence Programmes ? …… A report on the Modernising Defence Programme
Now what would you realistically expect that to be? A Public Government Experiment or Private Practice Enterprise in the Matter of Future Provision?
And those questions with answers to the Rt Hon Gavin Williamson CBE MP, Secretary of State for Defence. ….. RSVP ASAP.
We may as well start off the New Year as it is intended to proceed, with a Mother of a Big Bang and Great AIDisturbance …… for Beyond Bedlam in Sane Command of Madly Simple Controls are Promising Lands with Virgin Open Spaces.
With the Universal Secret, there be New Places to Populate, New Life and SMARTR Lives to Create.
So what’s to be? Public Sector Experiment in Private Party Enterprise? For the Best in All Worlds!
Are you up to Real IT Speed yet, El Reg ……. and cognoscente of Future AIdDevelopments? It is not as if you not valued privy host to oh so many of them for a not inconsiderable time.

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