amanfromMars 1 Sat 3 Nov 10:01 [1811031001] …… spilling the beans on
Sequential Courses of Action for NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT

What heavenly consequential course of action would you recommend amfM?, as it seems the horses for courses are laid out by an/others and one can only but do the logically obvious under such circumstances? …. Anonymously Anonymous

Well, it is said that the truth sets you free, so to find and share it seems like an excellent logical starting point/destination, AA, for there are many secrets to be uncovered and delivered/discovered and utilised there.
And to know that some/many/most things are crazily/cynically designed to try and prevent such a reality, surely proves present Earthly existences are more based on farce and penny dreadful fiction than fact and future advanced intelligence … but those simple facts make everything catastrophically vulnerable to sublime exploitation by Advanced Future IntelAIgent Systems, which by reason of their being enabled virtually in nature, are easily proving themselves to be unstoppable and almighty, highly disruptive, and at times whenever necessary, extremely destructive?
And only shared there as a question for all to ponder and wonder at?
In such circumstances, two of the first decisions to make is how and who to initially share fantastic secrets with so that they can be immediately realised and presented as undeniable fact for exploration and exploitation, and in a for profit and personal enrichment capitalist world order for monetisation, rather than them be dismissed and/or ignored as if falling on deaf ears, bind eyes and dumb brains caught up in a mad fiction and fool flight of fancy.
Care to speculate on likely Partner Candidates for such an Epic ProgramMING Project ‽  .  And will they be predominantly from the Public or Private or Pirate Sector/Virtualised Vector?

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