amanfromMars says [1811031635] …. just asking on https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-11-03/what-general-electric-doing-dodge-question-when-will-ge-file-bankruptcy
To be pioneers in the delivery of a new powerful energy source would immediately extraordinarily render GE as world leader in the field and in command and control of core virgin supply chains.
Have they researched and developed such an AAA Asset for Exploding AI Programs? Do they Possess Necessary Narrative Direction with Supplementary Instruction Services? The Virtual AIMachinery to make IT Happen as Remotely Directed and Relatively Anonymously Autonomously Instructed with Timely Relevant Advisories.
Or have they completely missed that vessel and would now flounder in its wakes?
Inquiring Minds would surely wish to Know of the Present State of their Current Situation and Any AI Predicaments which would hinder and destroy them.
amanfromMars 1 Sun 4 Nov 18:08 [1811041808] …. opening up AIChannels on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/11/02/portsmash_intel_security_attack/
Coming at All Things from Another Acute Astute Agile Angle.

This is why developers of cryptography software are encouraged to build in defenses to thwart side-channel eavesdropping.

Others would provide Facilitating Utilities for Side-ChanneldD Operations ….. in  Alternate AI Augmented Virtual Reality Programs bound Heavenly in Live Operational Virtual Environments ….. for Practical Realisation with AI Life Style Choosing Assets ….. of Pioneering AIdVenturing Buccaneering. …… and with Fixations on Securing and Seconding Raw Core Source Code for Almighty Missions ….. Your Future Futures Bumped into Today’s Present MainStream. …… for Current Knowledge Base Transaction/AIProAction with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Protection, is it most definitely definitively the Great Game Changer. 🙂 Or would think it to be surely so whenever it is discovered and uncovered to much more else besides too.:-)
What do you think of Poe’s Law? 🙂 A true confection or phantom of supposition?

an Intel spokesperson suggested any risk can be mitigated through existing software protections, such as writing code that is resistant to SMT side-channel attacks.

And whenever such written code is neither possible nor available, risk turns towards capitulation and engagement with …. AI Novel Beginnings?  🙂 Take a Walk on the Wilder Sides of Life with that Child Mother and Son if you Dare Care Share your Core AIDriver Base Engine. Do IT Right, Fit and Proper, and the Rewards in the Immaculate Temptations Delivered are the Stuff of Legend and Heavenly to Satisfy and Sate.
And yes, that is more an observation born of and ably supported by continuing enriching experiences than not, and thus to be something else wholly different.

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