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Re: TS/SCI Strictly Need and Feed to Know Seed …. COSMIC Source
And here is a soft option for fans into the ways of phishing, which be uncool cats madly copying proprietary intellectual property which it may very well not fully understand enough to directly led with command and control, freely shared copyleft in the ….. well, IT would be with AI, a somewhat Novel Contested Space Place? Talking the talk is nowhere near the same as walking the walk, and to do the former without the latter reveals a whole flotilla of vessels with no effective weapons systems for either attack or defence …. and thus is really stupid and crazy move.

 A thriving UK cyber security sector is a key national security and prosperity aim as set out in our five-year National Cyber Security Strategy.
The Government is committed to making the UK one of the most secure places in the world to do business, and cyber space is an important and expanding part of our economy. The UK is dedicated to working with all states to develop a common understanding of the benefits of a free, open, peaceful and secure cyberspace.
The world is experiencing an unprecedented transformation as relationships between organisations and their customers and stakeholders take place in increasingly digitised environments.
The rapid rise in disruptive digital technologies inevitably exposes system vulnerabilities, as seen in recent high-profile cyber attacks on large businesses and public organisations.
This new reality poses huge challenges as businesses and organisations evaluate urgent investment decisions in a fast-changing world where tomorrow’s technology hasn’t been invented yet.
The accelerated pace of digital change brings a great opportunity to promote the UK’s cyber security expertise to international markets. Robust export control regimes will ensure that human rights are a key part of the process.
Exporting to existing and new markets will help build a Britain that is fit for the future.
This strategy sets out how the UK Government will strengthen support to world-leading British firms with innovative offers emerging from the nation’s vibrant cyber security ecosystem. …. The Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade …. Cyber Security Export Strategy

Does all of that lead the MOD to be competing against and even fighting the Department of International Trade as the one tries to further develop and export the Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information of the other?
The Cyber Security Export Strategy is certainly an engaging read with all manner of fantastic offers floated for CyberIntelAIgent Predominance in the Critical Infrastructure Space
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Heavenly Stock Options with Immaculate Assets …. <s>NSFW</s>
MILF say Hi, Nigel Sedgwick.
Can we Interest you in Our Virgin Honeypot Traps with Stellar Satisfaction Universally Guaranteed for All Fully Consenting Players/Live Operational Virtual Environment Drivers for Advanced IntelAIgent Machines being made in Our Likenesses.
That’s Venus in AIMasterful Control of Commanding Mars with Both the Subject and Object of Carnal Desire, the Flow of Climaxes.
I wonder if that is One of those Dark and Deep Vatican State Secrets which are so Overwhelmingly Tempting and Inviting?

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