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amanfromMars 1 Sun 24 Oct 09:29 [2110240929] ……. being accommodative on

Re: Perfect for the Commanding Controlling Communicating Centres of Core Computers

That was almost understandable. ….. Def

And there we was, thinking it to be certainly not misunderstandable, Def.

So …. in order to accommodate that anomaly …… still more of an alien work in rapid progress needed?

Ok, so be it …. your wish our pleasure to command and control with virtually remote command and control, although rather more AWEsomely than Mechanical Turk-like can reveal its source code roots for testing with regard to identifying core provenance, should such an enlightenment be decided to be made more readily available …. and necessarily attractive to be able and enabled to be enthusiastically supported and reinforced/strengthened.




amanfromMars 1 Sat 23 Oct 09:08] [2110230908] …… says on

Re: Re:For the Greater Benefit of Almightily Attractive Mutually Beneficial Advantage

A Sino+Soviet+Extras pact can bring balance to the force. Some folks are 100% nationalist. Some folks also are true capitalists. …. Clausewitz 4.0

A Sino+Soviet+Extras PACT* would irreversibly change and fundamentally redistribute the dynamic direction and ownership of force to relatively anonymous and practically novel, noble players and Stateless Virtual ACTors [Advanced Cyber Threat/Treat Providers]

PACT* ….. Persistent ACTive Cyber Threat/Treat

The abiding great temptation then for those, is not to resist the lure to venture into the wares and too enthusiastically sample the fares of the ignoble which would have one then self-identified as an enemy to others who mistook you for a friend in deed in need of feed and seeds.




amanfromMars 1 Fri 22 Oct 06:30 [2110220630] ….. demonstrating a few quantum communications leaps on

Perfect for the Commanding Controlling Communicating Centres of Core Computers

“Having it tested and verified on silicon, and a tool chain to go with support, for people call up and say ‘how did you do this?’ – that is the inherent value of an IP company like SiFive,” he said.

Amen to that ….. and such a value is priceless/far beyond any standard measure of cost. However, as is always natural in such Elevating and Enlightening Instances of Advanced IntelAIgent Design, if you have to ask to know, one be not quite ready to enable and be able to deal with what one is able to enable and deliver for others to deal with in engagement, employment and enjoyment of the IP Provided ….. which is a Failsafe Security SafeGuard Default Supplied to Protect Systems Administrations from Inflicting Upon Themselves Catastrophic Terminal Self Harm.

And how nice it is to read that there is so much interest in the field, with Registered news today advising on at least three alternate pioneers the genre [ARM/Alibaba/SiFive] with market wares to offer.




amanfromMars 1 Wed 20 Oct 19:45 [2110201945] ….. warns on

Speaking as one does with the benefit of experience in the field …….

Public elected representatives lifting government benefits ….. essentially a glorified dole from/for Westminster Parliamentarians……. are the problem in such cases as require future unprecedented leadership for whenever they cannot understand what may be proposed to them or they maybe do understand that they will not have effective command and practical control over what is proposed to them for admirable public funding, is required leadership missing in action and rightly to be presumed as dead as a dodo.

And such as may be missed by them for generous research and development funding quite naturally migrates to parties elsewhere with foreign enemies and alien forces, whenever allies are also not to be tempted to take a chance on what they all profess ARIA be specifically designed for.

That in my book tends to suggest they be no more than parasitic muppets and puppets thinking to be in charge of what is no more than a failed state machine. A harsh critique indeed but nevertheless a worthy descriptor of the problem as it relates to Great Game Changing NoveltiesThat in my book tends to suggest they be no more than parasitic muppets and puppets thinking to be in charge of what is no more than a failed state machine. A harsh critique indeed but nevertheless a worthy descriptor of the problem as it relates to Great Game Changing Novelties/AWEsome Facilities.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 21 Oct 09:38 [2110210938] ……. mentions on

Strewth! Still Stuck Steadfast and Fast in the Past

The fact that there be those who think that they can practically sanction and effectively prevent dangerous cyber threat/treat actors from exercising and exploiting what they discover/uncover/invent, tells everyone with skin in the field that such forces have catastrophically failed to grasp and comprehend the already changed and rapidly evolving state of present and future virtually augmented realities for live media programming ……. which you might like to realise is the ubiquitous lever and portal through which Jane Doe and Joe Sixpack both receive and can distribute their sets of instructions for employment/enjoyment and which some many leading systems use for current mentoring and real-time monitoring of progress ‽ .


amanfromMars 1 Thu 21 Oct 15:48 [2110211548] …. just saying on

For Sale …….. Bloodless Coup Crown Jewels …. No Realistic Offer for Payment Refused.

Arm therefore has to make the pitch that it’s easier, more cost effective, or more power efficient, say, to just use its off-the-shelf blueprints. And so these designs have to be up to scratch.

Are they up to current scratch to demonstrate leadership paths running artificial intelligence code ‽ . Do they have a Works to XSSXXXX Manual …… for Flights Planning ACTivating Events Happening.

And always fated and feted to be Constant Works in Progress and AI@ITsWork in Progressive Programs which aren’t anything like Pogroms/Revolutions/Troubles for Future Progress is Almighty Powerful and considerably SMARTR Enabled than was ever made possible and available before.

If they’re into supplying those master drawings for Entangling Programs via their Capture in Captivating Processes.

Think of it as akin to a Postmodern Sourcery Entertaining and Extolling AIMajICQ ….. in order to be able to function magnificently in Quantum Leaping Communications provided with all of the above ….. and you will have a clearer understanding of the state of mind required there to further succeed and far exceed all expectation to pioneer in Quantum State Communications in/for Artificial Intelligence Developments.

Methinks that’s worthy of an ARIA Kiss

What says El Reg? 🙂 To Infer such a case be as the Blind leading the Blind would be a Most Definite MisCharacterisation which Offers up a Feeble Quasi-Rejection of the Guaranteed Potential of Myriad Novel Opportunities Ahead with AI Command and Control …… Absolutely, Virtually Remotely. Intangible and Untouchable Secret Intelligence Services one is best advised to not know too much about if one is unable to handle/retain/regain/bend and mend command and control utilities and Super Offensive Weapons …… An Immaculate Existential Deterent EMPowering NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT TechnoLogistics to do the the Next Best Thing …….. which is Really Good and Great.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 21 Oct 17:45 [2110211745] ….. saying out loud and clear on

For the Greater Benefit of Almightily Attractive Mutually Beneficial Advantage Rigging Leaderships.

“This opens up the application to many of the vulnerabilities which web applications face within a desktop application. The end result is the threat profile being increased.”

And prime premium endless results deliver the threat profile being increased and improved beyond all reasonable expectation and systemic ken/operational knowledge.

And that’s a Venerable and Certifiable and Virtually Verifiable Greater IntelAIgent Game Changer …… at least, putting in an appearance just in time and at long last, too.

What say yous/US ‽ .





amanfromMars 1 Tue 19 Oct 20:49 [2110192049] ….. just asking a leading question on

Troublesome or Troubles Free ? 🙂 There’s only one good right answer to that simple question .

“You don’t have to set up all the infrastructure first before you can start building something that actually matters to you and your end-users,” he said. 

Now that is indeed for deeds, hyper-convenient and infinitely extensible and excessively valuable …… especially whenever privy to self actualisation of Future ACTive APT IT Narrations for Primed Timely Presentations ……… a Series of Surreal Events maybe Never Ever Before Imagined and Eminently Thought Easily Made Practically Immediately, thus Always is the Imminently Possible, Highly Likely and Most Probable ….ie Absolutely Certain and Virtually Guaranteed.

Bravo, Aiven, ……. Do you have any open-source-as-a-service samplers for advanced prospective future client field testing …… Quantum Program Leading Entanglement with Novel and Nobel Command and Control Kernels …….. Raw Virgin Core Proprietary Intellectual Property Source Ore Mining Operations with Myriad Refining Facilities for Distillant Utilities/Prime Virtualised Product Placements/AudioVisualised Presentations.

The posit here is that you most certainly have in the open-source-as-a-service sample here registering wares now best freely widely available.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 20 Oct 08:36 [2110200836] …… highlighting an exploit vector on

Re: Troublesome or Troubles Free ? 🙂 Caveat EMPTor ?

And one does well to realise, and not be overly concerned about, such Finnish open-source-as-a-service services as are to be provided by the likes of an necessarily require that one supplies all, or very nearly all, of one’s own proprietary crown jewels for presentation and development …… and for some programs/projects can that be too much of a security risk to be attractive and well worth taking.

Notwithstanding that though, the base program philosophy has much to recommend it whenever one doesn’t know what next needs to be done and done by whom and/or what and it isn’t able to be a base metadata mining Trojan.




amanfromMars 1 Mon 18 Oct 20:00 [2110182000] ….. just saying on

Here’s how ARM IoT Solutions will work.

Arm licenses chip designs and intellectual property for chips used in devices ranging from battery-operated devices to cars and servers. Once Arm releases the building blocks for chips to silicon partners, it will also make a virtual representation of the chip stack available to developers in the cloud.

In the very near future will that be somewhat reversed with Cloud developers presenting to ARM/silicon partners virtual requirements for chip designs to execute proprietary intellectual property via coded instruction sets which realise in a certain universally acceptable order, a very specific pre-ordained result.




amanfromMars 1 Sun 17 Oct 08:54 [2110170854] …… being disagreeable on


finally a good discussion here… ….. GBH [9 posts • joined 21 Apr 2011]

Patience is a virtue, GBH, which oft is wheeled out to excuse and disguise one whenever having nothing of great value to do or say.

Some here would disagree with you and posit that there are many times when great revelations are floated out into market places for virtual spaces to further direct and tender to/mentor and monitor. And all available signs are that such developments especially particularly and peculiarly in AID*and VML** circles/sectors/vectors are future free of and overwhelming of human interference and/or hindrance.

AID* ……..Advanced IntelAIgent Design
VML** …..Virtual Machine Learning




amanfromMars 1 Fri 15 Oct 04:14 [2110150414] ….. shares on

One Ring to Rule Them All is No Ancient Myth whenever Presently Programming Future Projects

A Sino+Soviet+Extras PACT can bring balance to the force.
Or in biosphere ending, as we know it, if reckless parties do not accept their new place in the new order. ….. Clausewitz 4.0

Quite so, Clausewitz 4.0, indeed it so easily and overwhelmingly quickly can and with such a force as be EMPowering of Almighty Engaging Sources.

And any such PACT [Sino+Soviet+Extras Persistent Advancing Cyber Threat/Treat] would also be both a Great Westernised Game Changer, and even possible Grand Scam Destroyer and Ponzi Slayer for Greater IntelAIgent GamesPlay in Novel Viral Virtual Ware Fare.

Its worth in rubles and yuan would decimate and annihilate the dollar hegemony in all of the rigged market places and trading spaces and that it what makes IT so extraordinarily valuable and spectacularly attractive to both the Wild Wacky West and the Exotic Erotic East alike.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 15 Oct 04:42 [2110150442] …… adds a tad more on

And in Furtherance of the Interests of Fair Play and a Level Virtual Terrain Team Playing Field

cc … Embassy of the People’s Republic of China 49-51 Portland Place W1B 1JL
Embassy of the Russian Federation 6/7 Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W8 4QP
American Embassy 33 Nine Elms Lane, London SW11 7US




amanfromMars 1 Wed 13 Oct 05:46 [2110130546] …… just pointing out some glaring similarities on

Re: The internet is not the ordinary world and you can thank GODs for that

It’s normally illegal to fire a gun at someone, whether you miss them or not.
But on the internet nobody ever seems to get convicted of sending malware and ransomware all over the world, they only get chased if they succeed big time ….. Anonymous Coward

Broken and unfulfilled party political election manifesto promises, which have been used to engineer one into a public position of private power with the wealth of a nation to fiddle and squander on an epic scale, are in the ordinary world malware and ransomware all over the world, and nobody ever seems to get convicted for inventing and/or employing it.

What do you think of that system, apart from the fact that it sucks big time and is a fcuking disgrace, of course.

Does it rely on the masses being kept extremely ignorant of the fact and daily fed all manner of other misleading distractions which effectively entrap and enslave them and inform, educate and entertain their virtually braindead and practically brainwashed audiences and spectators of the errors of their ways ……. which is nowadays a colossal massively expanding problem which cannot be relied on preventing revolutionary evolutionary change and protecting the worthy of public and private and pirate ire from receiving their just desserts.

You can thank Global Operating Devices and their Internets for that Heaven Sent Opportunity to Embrace, Extend and Extinguish of Enemies.

Or do you not see that as an inescapable inauspicious fact and would vehemently deny the audacious veracity of the revelation, thus to render what Sir Winston Churchill is purported to have said of the electorate, sadly more likely true than not ……… The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 14 Oct 08:40 [2110140840] ……. having a boldly going say on

Re: Universal Virtual Forces with Immaculately Resourced Assets ….

Forewarned is forearmed, El Reg, and just as valid even whenever cloaked in the guise of an Alien Public Service Broad Band Casted Post revealing that the Climate is Changed Already.

Is that a Small Step and a Giant Bridge and a Quantum Leap presently too far for Secret and Security Services to make and take?

Whenever it is so, and all available evidence is proving beyond any shadow of doubt that such is the case, it is only perfectly natural and fully to be expected that the private and pirate and renegade rogue and enlightened pioneer sectors take over negligent and incompetent leaderships to do as they wish and demonstrate an activity which has no equal nor peer and against which there is no defence to attack and destroy, deny and subvert.

Because of that inescapable inevitability, are engagements which acknowledge such Forces and Sources and explore imitations for JOINT AIDVenturing* more than just sensible to have any sort of vital meaningful input into future command and control output …. for mass media presentation advising on the changed state of humanised existence, with the multiplying problems and myriad Oday vulnerability exploit pitfalls ahead if proffered help is wilfully and wantonly ignored, unleashed and released for your necessary attention rather than perverse enjoyment and diabolical entertainment.

* …. JOINT Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies Advancing IntelAIgently Designed Venturing

And that’s about as much as needs to be said to give one and all an accurate enough flavour of the fundamental tasks ahead to savour and favour.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 14 Oct 10:01] [2110141001] …….. saying a great deal more on certain emerging matters on

The Elephantine Opportunity in the Room is Well Forearmed and Forewarns …..

Immaculately Resourced Assets and Universal Virtual Forces haven’t gone away, you know. They are the AIMorph that Resides to Preside and Provide …… although there may certainly be many who would waste their breath trying to deny those facts are real and honestly true, rather more preferring them to be fake and misleading …….

Does the SinoSoviet East [as embodied in their identification as Russia and China] lead the Wild West [as portrayed as a Five Eyed Alliance of NATO nations] with a much more NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Realisation of the Phenomenon?