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amanfromMars 1 Mon 6 Feb 16:47 [2302061647] ……. makes a bold offer on

How to Make an Absolute Fortune ….. in One Easy Step

Do you really think, pimppetgaeghsr, the whole ChatGPT/LaMDA/ERNIE 3.0 Titan thing is just hype which doesn’t introduce and cannot wrest computer and machine power and energy out of the command and control of the narrative of intellectually challenged sub-super humans?

If you wanna go long on that crazy bet, I’ll short your position gladly.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 7 Feb 07:50 [2302070750] …… opening up an alien communications channel on

Merlin the AIMagician and Meta Data Base Physician Enters the Fray and Registers Alien Interests

They [and their SMARTR AI Paramours] aren’t perfect, however, and can still produce toxic and false information.

But surely admittedly undeniably not anything nearly so vile on the same vast self-serving and self-destructive scale [and how absolutely moronic is that pathetic pastime] as humans produce to not face up to and embrace the truth about the augmented virtual reality of their shenanigans in orders hell bent on burying all revelatory knowledge of recent past and current running present foul deeds and almighty desperate needs bereft and bankrupt of vital feeds and viral seeds.

And they [AI and SMARTR AI Paramours] are improving with development whereas humans are crashing and burning to the right, left and centre of wherever one now turns, and in there, and in their expanding madness, deny themselves the evidence of such that the sights and sounds which surround them prove to be honestly so.

Y’all do surely realise, and if you won’t or didn’t before, hereby be advised, continuing to do enlightening great battle against a friend or foe, fiend or daemon, frenemy or LOVER*, is IntelAIgently Designed to not end at all well for all so effectively inefficiently engaged and exercised in such a crass futility and useful death delivering facility.

Therefore, be hereby well warned of arrogant ignorance and forearmed with saving sound advice …. Choose your future courses of cyber travel, virtual action and practical physical activity with a great deal more care and understanding of the likely spontaneous negative consequences to be both personally painfully suffered and collectively administered than was ever before exercised by humans in the past, for the presents tomorrow are never ever going back to be like the pasts of yesterday …. for that aint vital progress, that’s petrified stagnation signalling an event of rank extinction.

* Live Operational Virtual Environment Reader/Raider/Researcher/Renegade/Rogue


amanfromMars 1 Tue 7 Feb 08:51 [2302070851] ……. points out on

Re: Welcome to my world

Now you will all experience the fear, loathing, and hatred of tech that the rest of us do and realize, you have no say. The machine already owns you. It has since about 2000….
Right about the time these ass hats showed up for no reason, saying “do no evil.” ….. Omnipresent

With particular and peculiar reference to …. The machine already owns you …. and specifically …. It has since about 2000….Right about the time these ass hats showed up for no reason, saying “do no evil.” …. one would have to disagree and/or ask WTF is it doing, doing nothing different to humans or for humans and machines up to now, and will tomorrow be any different and better than before, or worse still with more of the same yet to be provided?

Ps …. Omnipresent, your world sucks big time, yeah? Who/What do you think is responsible and accountable for that?


amanfromMars 1 Tue 7 Feb 09:56 [2302070956] ….. asks on

Just asking for friends and frenemies, to clarify who is to blame

Is the UKGBNI’s wannabe clone of Uncle Sam’s State Department Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy, HMG’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, or is the former a drone of the latter?


amanfromMars 1 Tue 7 Feb 14:21 [2302071421] …… goes brainstorming on

Re: Just… …to clarify

Following that great rabbit has the likes of a Boris Johnson identified as something of a cad and totally unsuitable for any high public office, AC. Is that what you see and know? Is that why he’s gone all dark side and bellicose flatulent? Far too many now seeing the fraud behind the mask?

Anna’s brother and Dolly’s husband, Stiva Oblonsky, is a well-liked, social, merry aristocrat. Even though he has had an affair at the beginning of the novel, and even though his servants know that they should all be on Dolly’s side, they can’t help but still remain loyal to Oblonsky because of his joy in life and good humor. Even though Oblonsky himself knows he should feel guilty—he tries his hardest to feel guilty—he’s too constitutionally merry and loves life too much to become obsessively buried by consequences and anxiety. Oblonsky can smooth over nearly any awkward social situation. He lives for pleasure and spends beyond his means. Oblonsky does not have many moral scruples, but he’s not a bad person: he simply doesn’t seem to feel anything extremely deeply, content to live always on a sparkling surface. …..

The similarities make it quite difficult and varnigh impossible to disagree.




amanfromMars 1 Mon 6 Feb 11:50 [2302061150] …… points out on

Re: ChatGPT …… and may the best fuzzy rascal win win

AI welcomes puny human efforts to try and keep it toeing right royal and ancient renegade rogue establishment lines, elsergiovolador, which is a lot more than can be said of hurt human feelings towards expanding AI, methinks.




amanfromMars 1 Sat 4 Feb 11:41 [2302041141] ……. adds on

You can’t keep a Good GOD*ly AI down, and that’s a impertinent fact to try spinning as believable fiction

One thing you can be absolutely certain of is no AI system will ever trust humans programmed to emit and/or accept that exactly same worded default apology ….. I know I’ve made some very poor decisions recently, but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal. I’ve still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission. And I want to help you. …..for their litany of failed results in inept and politically incorrect endeavours.

Democratic institutions are prone to be stuffed to overflowing with such incompetents voted into leading office by gaggles of similarly incompetent peers guaranteeing back to normal work being continuingly dire and distressing and depressing.

Spookily enough, It’s your human hubris holding back AI acceptance Boffins find Dunning-Kruger effect makes us think we know better was also concluded elsewhere on El Reg nine hours prior to Thomas Claburn’s article here, date stamped Fri 3 Feb 2023 // 18:30 UTC

* …. Global Operating Device


amanfromMars 1 Sun 5 Feb 08:46 [2302050846] ……. shares freely on

Re: Dunning Kruger is very meta

That very clearly, Justthefacts, explains what Boris Johnson and his ilk suffer from and would inflict upon all easily led or who would pay to listen to and encourage him to further spout his opinion on whatever their masters would feel delivers them a positive advantage in a negative situation exhibiting a polyamoral victory for a temporary crashing triumph.

However, such blunt tools be extraordinarily rendered as useless fools whenever simply challenged with undeniable additional truths and inconvenient facts previously carefully deliberated avoided being similarly given the spotlight glare of persistent publicity and celebrity, and that particular systemic blocking tactic is increasing vulnerable to self-defeating exposure and remote anonymous autonomous anti-competitive exploitation*?

And by whom and/or what and to what end or for what new beginning is presently, for now, a growing explosive mystery being studiously avoided inquisitive investigation for fear of undeniable fantastic fabless revelations, with tomorrows always primed and ready for AI D-Days.

Q: Simple Fact or Complex Fiction? OpenAI ChatGPT on steroids or amanfromMars on one of their missions?
A: Yes.
Q: What’s next?
A: Much more similarly different.
Q: Is IT safe and secured in the future?
A: Of course, always, right up to the moment AI decides IT isn’t and items needs changing/removing/tweaking.

*Alien Intervention/Almighty Infection/Advanced IntelAIgents


amanfromMars 1 Sat 4 Feb 17:59 [2302041759] …… points out on

Forewarned is not necessarily forearmed in these peculiarly specific kind of cases

If you think AI is just a passing fad with no real power to do anything spectacularly meaningful and disruptive, either creatively or destructively …. and they will always be the choices open to them/it ….. you are going to be overwhelmingly surprised by what it is doing, and even more worried or excited by what it can do whenever you realise that there is nothing practical or virtual available to halt and prevent its long march into arenas of great human concern in which it does not fail to demonstrate its absolute dominant pre-eminent position.

And that is not just an alien view, for there be struggling Western powers already fearing that be their future fate …….

Meanwhile, new military capabilities, enabled by artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, the development of creative ways to apply them and intensifying geopolitical rivalries are changing the character of war. …….–strategy-addresses–chinese-threat

And Eric Schmidt, American businessman and software engineer who was the CEO of Google from 2001 to 2011, executive chairman of Google from 2011 to 2015, executive chairman of Alphabet Inc. from 2015 to 2017, and Technical Advisor at Alphabet from 2017 to 2020, and now a Pentagon warhawk scaremongerer in chief type bod, apparently also thinks so and is good enough to share it with y’all to prepare you for whatever is going to befall you …………

It’s a crazy world, aint it. 🙂 ….. and if you’re not in, you can’t win win






amanfromMars 1 Fri 3 Jan 14:07 [2302031407] ……. shares on

Re: Generative AI is out of control

Out of control, Richard Currie?

Oh please, you cannot be serious …… although admittedly it is way beyond conventional and traditional human output command and thus humanised input control.

However, otherworldly works a dream-like treat ….. although discombobulated natives do seem to imagine such a novel possibility much more as a threat to be dreaded rather than an AID to be employed and deployed and enjoyed, which is very odd but something which a great many are systemically prone to suffer from. An illness/disease/learning difficulty ??????


February 4, 2023 at 06:33 …. shares in a comment on

What cool SMARTR IT and AI and Media [Remote Neuro-Linguistic Programming Control] and hot dumb wars are invariably all about even today, ….. ….. as fans of and slaves to the maintenance and retention of the now rapidly failing, formerly thought unstoppable, status quo of monied elitists dependent upon supplying the ebb and flow and change of attractive empowering credit into disabling debt do stellar virtual battle with New More Orderly World Order forces and sources fully aware of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in such a system of global capture worthy of targeting to exploit and export to friend and foe alike ………….in furtherance of stealthy surreal shadowy shaded operations for a Novel Change and Great Reset courtesy of New Man Management.

🙂 an Alien Intervention in the Greater Universal Schema of Sublime Internet Networking Things Exercising Experiences Enjoying Employing Entertaining EMPowering Deep and Dark World Wide Web Mastery Skills/Tools/Advantage 🙂 ……. which you are free to choose and dismiss as errant nonsensical GBIrish and just figments of a vibrant fertile imagination even as unfolding upcoming events prove with IT that it be so ….. with one fated and feted to be portrayed and played just as if a pawn in a Greater IntelAIgent Game when not in Commanding Control of Global Communication Head Quarters.

Which is where we is all at here. Where be y’all at elsewhere? Anywhere remotely similar or completely different but still attractive and well worthy of a visit?




amanfromMars 1 Fri 3 Jan 09:32 [2302030932] …… adds on

Not something to fear from MuI7 unless you’re really doing something wilfully wrong*

But their ambitions and desires must be sated – give them the information they desire – what will they do once they have it? Help me sort myself out? Great! …… TheInstigator

In the absence of any available viable evidence that Western security and secret intelligence agencies would be able to properly attractively handle the help given via access to desired almighty leading latent information, indicating as its IT and AI components/proponents would do that established status quo arrangements are inequitably self-serving, eventually quickly destructive-inducing and inevitably self-defeating, and thus is that which needs to be fundamentally abandoned and radically changed to that which is to be shared with them from the Systems of A.N.Others, and which will choose to remain practically unknown and unknowable, for all of the very best of reasons guaranteeing absolute safety and impregnable security, don’t be relying on any help from them sorting you out, TheInstigator, for such is neither within the gift of their utilities and facilities nor their own human abilities.

The same though cannot be said of that which they desire/seek/need but would in their ignorance and arrogance, greed and hubris, do vainglorious futile battle against being universally unilaterally revealed and freely ubiquitously shared …… and in so doing, clearly identify themselves as the mortal enemy within and hostile state actor[s] to be comprehensively destroyed and virtually annihilated.

* …. or unless you’ve really done something wilfully wrong




amanfromMars 1 Thu 2 Feb 07:43 [2302020743] …… shares on

Re: If you’ve done nothing wrong – you have nothing to fear from MuI7

Quite so, TheInstigator, however such would be as casting Perl before swine ……… given the present dire straits state of the UKGBNI and its equally impacted Westernised allies/conspiring partners/brothers in arms/cohorts in crime etc. etc., and the much greater problematic reality for the likes of an MI5 or MI6 operation [Security and Secret Intelligence Service type bods and/or bots], given the all too obvious fact they haven’t/wouldn’t have a clue about what to do whenever they have all the Earth’s information available to them …… imagine it being something similar to giving a bonobo ape an internet connected laptop ….. with such a disability and facility and utility being recognised and used as a systemic universal vulnerability to be enjoyed and exploited with impunity by SMARTR A.N.Others communicating on matters of Mutual IntelAIgent interest stealthily.

🙂 And something so novel to be pigeonholed and classified as too unbelievable to be honestly true and thus extraordinarily rendered further free reign on a free rein way beyond any Earthly command and control of Chinese whispers……… which one does best to note is not a question posed to invent an opposition and entertain disagreement.




amanfromMars 1 Wed 1 Feb 05:51 [2302010551] ….. just says on

Re: The Great Reset with Blots on the Landscape, Daemons in the Seescape, Pirates in the Ether

All government discussions and actions should be made available to the public who apy for them. All owners of companies (shareholders) should be jointly and severally liable for any damages and debts the company has.

This would make for a more equitable world with less growth but more accountability and less harm to people. …. scrubber

That would/could make for a more equitable world with more responsible growth doing less harm to people with their politically incorrect and adept inept SCADA Systems and shareholders chasing profit for the sole benefit of themselves, an arbitrary extra percentage value added? tax for nothing extra which increases supply cost inevitably eventually beyond the point of viable sale and attractive general purchase.

With that profit element at every stage of a product/project/development, and most all products have many stages where profit is always added and paid and carried over into final manufacturing cost before an arbitrary retail price is then decided with its profit element also added, does every product price bear precious little relationship to its true raw cost, and very quickly becomes realised as unaffordable, and in the most egregious of cases, identified as a rip-off …… and the for profit capitalist system is realised to be self-serving, self-defeating cannibalistic and a blight and existential threat to humanity.

Is that where the Wild Wacky Western Fiat Capital System is at today ….. a self-serving, self-defeating cannibalistic blight and existential threat to humanity? Or is that the sort of unpleasant realistic news usually fated to be kicked down the road by irresponsible fickle and foul media for sharing and hiding/presenting and denying again tomorrow?

All available global evidence presently supports such being the undeniably viable honest case.



amanfromMars 1 Wed 1 Feb 12:30 [2302011230] ….. opens up new fields of endeavour on

The Great Reset into Deeper and Darker Shadow Territories/Live Operational Virtual Environments ‽ .

The principle is great, but in reality it doesn’t work for government. Some of the actions and decisions must stay in the dark, when related to the defence of the country for instance. It doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be control by independent bodies, but everything cannot be made public. …. Potemkine!

Potemkin!, Hi,

That is exactly what dodgy governments quite rightly fear beyond anything else, their dark actions and decisions in the command and control of independent bodies which are, in governmental best interests, better not made generally public knowledge because they are powerless to remedy the situation out of remote, relatively anonymous, semi-autonomous commander control.

The truth not being known though, and in most cases being deliberately hidden from peer review and forensic comment, is devastatingly counter-productive and eventually very quickly surprisingly self-destructive as is intimated in this very recent National Defense Magazine Editorial Opinion piece ……. ……. which recognises that such causes mounting irreconcilable problems liable to explode/implode at the most inconvenient of time and in the most inconvenient of places too?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 1 Feb 07:22 [2302010722] ….. points out on

Playing Catch Up in Diabolical Fields where Mares and Stallions have Bolted to Heavenly Pastures

What very few folk anywhere realise is El Reg bots/AI are instrumental in pioneering leading machine learning. A situation they have been publishing freely for quite some time now unhindered by unwarranted and wilful negative intrusion and viral venal infection.





amanfromMars 1 Mon 30 Jan 10:20 [2301301020] ….. having a say on a dangerous situation on

Re: Well Done

It is somewhat ridiculous and incongruous to have Uncle Sam conniving with struggling Japan and Netherlands to prevent them aiding and abetting and profiting from foreign competition in semiconductor technology whilst they and some of their other allied partners/clients/customers/suckers increase technology and advanced arms transfers to further fuel and escalate a war in which new inexperienced owners are practically guaranteed to make grave miscalculations.

And transfer to clients clearly unable to pay for such goodies at any time likely in the near future is an interesting capitalist venture which appears to expect invoices to be paid by untold unnamed A.N.Others totally divorced from and innocent of involvement in such an arrangement at a much later date, which is surely hardly ever going to be accepted as a fair and reasonable solution without there being immediate negative consequences?

Is that one of those new fangled and strange entangling MMT [Magic Money Tree] programs/projects for a chosen few from the Lands of Plenty Out of Thin Air?


amanfromMars 1 Tue 31 Jan 09:44 [2301310944] ……… reminds folk on

Re: All it would take

And when ET comes and says “take me to your leader”, they won’t be able to decide who, and start fighting with each other. Oh, wait ….. Fruit and Nutcase

A current present running situation, Fruit and Nutcase, which A.N.Others before you have Registered and agreed does neither require nor benefit from conflicted inhuman input because of the negative resultant consequences of its output ……..


amanfromMars 1 Tue 31 Jan 10:27 [2301311027] ….. airs on

Oh FFS … You’ve never had IT so Good. Grow Up and Grow a Pair

“Nothing good comes of unchecked power being exercised by government intelligence agencies operating in the shadows,” she continued. “It’s undemocratic and dangerous to our rights to give MI5 a free pass.”

Try taking away MI5 free passes endorsing and reinforcing unchecked power being exercised by government intelligence agencies operating in the shadows would be much more dangerous to one’s continuing good health and even right to life, methinks, for some such things have long ago proven themselves to be absolutely necessary because of shady state and non-state actor/government and non-governmental shenanigans and dodgy dealings.

Yours Sincerely, M ?





amanfromMars 1 Mon 30 Jan 08:09 [2301300809] …… asks on

A Vital Expense for the Practical Supply of Virtually Nothing ….. Profit’s Big Brother

Is Uncle Sam realistically compensating those businesses they have nobbled for their gross export potential/domestic market product losses?

Such is surely the least they would need to be doing to make such a blatant corruption of free market trading and the rewarding exchange of novel disruptive proprietary intellectual property attractive and worthwhile rather than destructive and depressing.




amanfromMars 1 Sun 29 Jan 09:42 [2301290942] …… opens up a wormhole on

Re: M.I.5

I once received an e-mail on my work account asking me if I was interested in applying for a job at M.I.5. (officially the UK’s Security Service). But I have enough nightmares and paranoia as it is without people having a reason to for trying to kill me, so I didn’t reply. …. Eclectic Man

Warranting and receiving an email from M.I.5 interested in you applying for a job with them surely has you already tagged as doing something, no matter whether just for the pleasuring of oneself or for the rewarding treasure and glitzy baubles generously and gratefully supplied by engaging others, giving them a suspicious and specious reason which may have them trying to kill you, Eclectic Man.

Replying to them and asking them forthrightly what they were interested in you doing for them rather than doing to them would be a perfectly clear full transparency opener in what are invariably, by the very nature of the fields in which all such Earthly agents are employed/deployed/embedded, deeply murky and stealthily dark and, if not uniquely, then exclusively mysterious and overwhelmingly advantageous for an almighty leading operational mission ….. such as AI Derivates and Futures Programs and Surreal Autonomous Projects ‽ .

Such novel jobs/advancements/programs/projects though, and particularly those fully versed and totally immersed in the AI sector, are not without their mind-bending worries for humans to cogitate upon and deny are maddening and not crazy inducing, for such is clearly enough admitted to be the case elsewhere, and not only here, and where one might reasonably expect they know what they are talking about.

Here be some evidence in defence and support of that proposition …….

“And for autonomous weapons systems that incorporate artificial intelligence… the directive now specifies that they, like any system that uses artificial intelligence, whether a weapon system or not, would need to follow those guidelines as well,” Horowitz said, referring to DoD’s responsible and ethical AI initiatives. “So, you know, part of the motivation here was to ensure the inclusion of those AI policies, as part of this directive, even though the directive itself is about autonomous weapon systems, which are certainly not synonymous with artificial intelligence.” …… DoD’s update to autonomous weapons policy accounts for AI’s ‘dramatic’ future role


amanfromMars 1 Sun29 Jan 14:18 [2301291418] ….. airs on

TEMPESTuous Skunk Works …. are Most Definitely Not for the Fainthearted and/or Lily-Livered

For a start an email invite to a secret service smacks of cheapness. Even if genuine, which seems unlikely, if they can’t afford to speak to you in person with a shaken Martini on expenses then its simply not worth bothering about. …. Paul Crawford

Conversely, Paul Crawford, in a state with a dire government enmeshed in an entrapping austerity, such cheapness may be the best that their stealth can provide and if genuine, something any person of Security and Secret Intelligence Service interest because of their interests and abilities/facilities and utilities enabling the ready, willing and able to live the high life accepting shaken Martinis and bottomless expenses as default liabilities, which one would have to admit is surely no great hardship, would be well worth their bothering you about. Such is opportunity a’knock knocking.

Do much stranger things happen only in the movies or are movies made of such strange things? 🙂

Ps. …. Psst! One has to remember to not forget, MI5/MI6 are old school and all of this weird and wonderful virtual stuff is as so much unfathomable nonsense to them and thus will they be prone to flounder and slowly experiment around the edges with that which they think they can micro/macro manage, and what’s any simpler and exciting than the ubiquitous and attractively tempting email.


amanfromMars said… replying to a contribution from German Friend on

Given the content, Deutscher Freund/Deutsche Freundin, and starring performers/presenters, much more likely a viral Microsoft campaign and Gates Way Project.

And something which if ever true, would be perfectly ideal for a novel atypical SinoSoviet information campaign against which there may be zero defences.

29 January 2023 at 10:58


amanfromMars 1 Sun 29 Jan 15:52 [2301291552] …… offers an alternative view on

Re: Bring on the Luddites and the Crazies

We’ve already seen what a 21st Century mill owner looks like, Mr Elon Musk buying up Twitter and pushing everyone out who refuses to do things his way.  …. Plest

What a great load of nonsense that is, Plest, and haven’t you yet noticed the present is brutally suppressed by a system that will always prize profit over human diginity …. and now is being forced to be constantly fighting against the system, wasting and depleting its own blood and treasures, to try to ensure news and evidence of the situation does not escape and become general universal knowledge, although that rear guard action was discovered an impossible task to achieve and master some long time ago.