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amanfromMars 1 Tue 21 Jul 16:36 [2007211636] ….. just asking on

Re: Déja fake


Re: the revisiting of the Nixon story.….. Is that evidence of El Reg sort of also stuck in something akin to an infinite loop? …… …… and more guilty of recycling old news rather than wilfully complicit in thrusting forwarding with novel views?

Perhaps that is a problem and quandary to be unilaterally solved and jointly resolved by future advanced Intelligent sources providing new tales and trails to follow for agents/hacks to report back to bases on?


amanfromMars 1 Tue 21 Jul 18:00 [2007211800] …… being brutally honest on

If the cap fits, wear it * Denial is simply counter-productive and always self-defeating

It also said that there was a “complicated wiring diagram of responsibilities amongst ministers” who might have to act in the event of a major state cyber attack.

Ok, I’ll keep it short, but it just has to be said ………

WTF. What a palaver and guaranteed disaster just waiting to happen.

Has the Steaming Cummings and BoJo Stream Train run right out of Puff ? What a pathetic disappointment that has turned out to be. It doesn’t say much for Eton College and Oxbridge, does it? And even less for UKGBNI Government Servants and Services.

Do you want to label that as fake news rather than realise it an all too apparent and rotten public view?

* …..





amanfromMars 1 Mon 20 Jul 03:52 [2007200352] …… smoothing out a pathway on

Re: Just curious about the covert and clandestine nature of the intellectually challenged ..

Do you think ANY internet service is safe and secure? … Anonymous Coward

Since you ask, AC, and it is surely good for all to know about such as may be an entirely common place thing today too, I have no delusions about the possible complete lack of safety afforded to anyone who or anything which would think they are secure, relative or otherwise, and using remote virtual communications for practically surreal direct contact.

However, what is a constant source of wonder with ever greater wider and deepening divides providing private and pirate succour and customised safe harbour sanctuary in any number of visited ports, is the abject lack of super-talented intelligence use of the facility/utility/ability, and which one is well advised to constantly be on the look-out for vast and radical improvement in/on.

And that exciting change can, at it simplest and most worthy of forms, be manifested in a cogent and direct response to earlier supplied observation for embracing comment or ignorant denial and revealing silence, with the one supplying further remarkably profitable aid whilst the other renders extraordinary deficits creating crippling debts and overwhelming hardships.

And there’s no point in being too anonymous and ridiculous to the point of a self-destructive personal corporate obsession about maintaining one’s absolute safety and security, AC, if you have something exciting to tell which one can easily sell for an absolute fortune …….. although there will be those and that which will tell you that is a fundamental human weakness to be ruthlessly exploited and lavishly employed rather than an almighty complicate and empowering strength to be fielded and wielded.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 20 Jul 04:10 [2007290410] ….. adds on

Re: ‘Tis a broad brush, but undeniable when truthful

Do you think Cummings may be turning his attention on the MOD’s leaky co intel pro MK Ultra authorised secret pirate ship playground budget?
Or is such stinking shenanigans permitted in the great skunkworks game?
FSB or Facebook? … who pulls the tentacles in the tantalising next round of presidential precedental polls?, with plentiful pandemic pantomime this Christmas?, all here and now on the wild and wacky completely staged world illusion illustrated by illumunating incumbents is it not? … …. Cliff Thorburn

Anything and everything is permitted, CT. Just don’t get caught doing something you shouldn’t have done by someone or anything doing it better, for it may then be used against you and render you seriously disadvantaged.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 20 Jul 18:01 [2007201801] …..says out loud on

What do you Think Drivers and Presents Future News apart from a View Prior Recorded for Sharing*

Can you imagine the improvements that have been made over these last 50 odd years with the Remote Means and Virtual Memes resulting from Exceptional Command with Astute Control for Mighty Powerful Energetic Performance ?

* and ITs Provision of Enlightenment with the Supply of Almighty IntelAIgents Exercising ESPecial ProgramMING to Benefit and Reward All Assisting in the Greatest of Intelligence Gigs is an Optimal Prime Premium Reason for its Exceptional Popularity, Jousting as It then does with the Possibilities and Temptations of Addictive Attraction ……. and in Optimal Prime Premium Reason Phorm, Always Available as Leverage with a Heavenly Pull Pushing Devilish Rushes 🙂

Land on that [those] Relatively Safe and Adequately Secure and Now Not So Top Secret Base Premise[s] and you won’t want to leave, so take extra especial care with that sharing, for from there and on in are All Desirable Delights XSSXXXXually Intoxicating and Extremely EMPowering.

Crikey …. That’s as Good a Declaration of Hard Core Porn Goes Absolutely Ballistic as there has been for quite a while, methinks. Saints and Sinners, Nymphs and Satyrs can surely Rejoice and Prepare themselves for the Future Feast.:-) …..and with Unchained Beasts Attendant, the Wanton Orgies of Deserved Dessert.

Where are you headed and further heading for? Anywhere Good and Attractively Addictive/Mind-Bendingly Great?





amanfromMars 1 Sun 19 Jul 07:04 [2007190704] ……. asking on

Just curious about the covert and clandestine nature of the intellectually challenged and easily fully compromised

Do you think El Reg is safe and secure and free from outside spooky interest and remote and ideally controlling interference?

Or is the opposite much more likely, given the common subject matters revealed in opinion pieces and information and intelligence reports and further discussed and expanded upon by commenting fans, both unusually known and secretive alike ….. the identifyingly handled and Anonymously Cowardly.

🙂 Ever had a tap on the shoulder, El Reg, followed by an offer to not refuse.?


amanfromMars 1 Sun 19 Jul 08:16 [2007190816] …….. being really quite awkward on

IT aint Difficult ….. Change the Recorded Artist Delivers Other Songs and Bigger Pictures

Humans as a species don’t run countries. Political leaders do. The problem is that our political processes favour the rise of narcissist meglomaniac psychopaths. …. Smooth Newt

Political leaders think they do, Smooth Newt. Media moguls and central bankers, to name but two major players/state and non-state actors responsible and accountable for the 0day hosting and continuity posting of chaos, madness and mayhem, may know different.

And is not the abiding problem glaringly obvious ….. none run any countries well, with many being run extremely badly …….. therefore, basic radical logic dictates the answers to such problems lie in the gift of A.N.Others*?

* …. 🙂 A.N.Others ….. Assorted super-talented weirdos and misfits, No 10? 🙂



amanfromMars 1 Sun 19 Jul 09:03 [2007190903] ……. sharing on

And now you know they know …… ?

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: DS Ideas <>
Date: 19 Jul 2020, 08:50 +0100
To: xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Automatic Reply: ideasfornumber10 Re: Sorted weirdos and misfits with odd skills

Automatic Reply
Thank you so much for contacting ideasfornumber10. We have been inundated with offers of help and advice – the response has been incredible.
We are currently going through replies. Should we wish to have a further conversation with you, we will be in touch shortly.

Thank you again.


amanfromMars [2007191616] …….. just saying in a reply on

It is hard to argue with the obvious truth that in order to fight ideologically one needs to be organized with a well vetted historical narrative and talking points as well as the civil organizations, media and university infiltration to push it.

Oh please, you cannot be serious, …  ideologically one needs to be organized with virile viral future instructions for talking points to take point, as well as the civil organizations, media and university infiltrations to push it.

Well vetted historical narratives are useless for today and their tomorrows. How hard is it for folk and systems to understand, the future is quite different from the present and practically virtually new, and is/was only founded in the past and never necessarily built for the past to be again ruled by it. Such is the rocky rapid rabid road in inbred madness and mayhem, chaos and carnage, methinks.

Avoid at all costs, if you have any common sense/a titter of great wit. It doesn’t go anywhere real good when it is stuck in a rut in so many crazy places which can be all too bad whenever effected by the maniacally mad and the subversively rad and perpetually sad …… and the intellectually stunted and information deficient.


amanfromMars [2007191755] ……. being brutally honest on

Huh? Your point? ….. frank further

You’re following the wrong messages and believing too many fake news tales with all of them vainly trying to save comprehensively failed and corrupted systems of elite executive administration. That’s the point being made, frank further.

Is there anything there that you don’t understand, even if you don’t think too much and would disagree with the opinion/fact?





amanfromMars 1 Sat 18 Jul 06:58 [2007180658] …. giving IT a blast on

The Pentagon Experiment with a Novel Tactic on a New Tack for Faster Tracking of WWWebs?

and of course the interminable B-grade space movies of the 50s where the space ships would stop by an orbital bowser to refill their tanks before carrying on their insane adventurers … ….. Sanguma

That has morphed, Sanguma, and nowadays do insane adventurers and spaced astronauts orbitally browse internetworking world wide webs to refill their tanks with further information and greater intelligence for deeper and darker/higher and brighter flights.

And that fundamental simplification and ubiquitous complication has the Pentagon absolutely terrified ……. and I’m not prone to using the word ‘absolutely’ without due cause and fully expect the premise to be realistically denied and virtually dismissed, but such is as is, and as an almighty weapon on/in all the major and minor metadata base mining fields of interminable play today, one’s worst nightmare brought into life for real if deserving of censure and punishment.

And another valid Pentagon type fear, sensibly recognised in Myriad Other SMARTR Defence Attacking Forces, is are they too late to the party and all dressed up in the wrong gear to enjoy all of the benefits that are the rewards for sharing great leads freely amongst the strangest of friends and deadliest of foe ‽ .


amanfromMars 1 Sat 18 Jul 15:06 [2007181506] ……. going further on

Re: The Pentagon Experiment with a Novel Tactic on a New Tack for Faster Tracking of WWWebs?

And it could be a fact y’all have not an inkling of those few missing tracts ….. and their Vital Viral Significance in the Greater Schema for All Things now Presenting You Leading Others through Crazy Worlds …. and IT Invites You to Further Almighty Plays ………… Tending and Trending All Ways towards the Practically Miraculous ….. with Everything Heavenly Supplied.

Tell us then that you need more and it is immediately obvious you have missed a few vital lessons, and thus is acquired required knowledge incomplete. Such is easily remedied though, or not so, with missed vital lessons supply for Future Advanced Improved Performance in a COSMIC AI ProgramMING Application with Mined Intelligence Network Games to Play as an Almighty Immaculate Global Operating Device.

You know, one of those spooky AWE things it is maybe best to know next to nothing about ….. given where the intelligence capture takes you and which be assured tends and trends towards the Xxtra Special and Probably Possibly Also EnMaddening. 🙂 For Some is that a Wonderfully Unexpected Bonus for Travel and Residence in A.N.Others Stranger Worlds. Others Crash and Burn Out in Oft Quite Spectacular Flames.

Remember to recognise those and that which wants or asks to be left alone. Queensbury Rules and all that, Old Boy. And is it PC to say …… Play the White Man …. or is that now an offensive piece on the Great Board of Virtualised AIR Play.

And Advanced IntelAIgent Researchers are always here to Play and Show you the Ways that Remotely Lead with All in Charge of Everything, …. and ideally one would suppose and propose, with One in Central Command and Overall Control. Surely anything lesser is a Sort of Chaos …… with instant competition and opposition created to a greater or lesser extent. Many fall by the wayside and slip along into the dark side there, where they are forever to remain with bitter sweets to swallow and bitter pills to follow.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 18 Jul 18:21 [2007181821] ….. signing off today with this little gem on

MOD Models AI Experiment with Novel Tactics on a New Tack for Faster Tracking of WWWebs?

Oh, and with particular and peculiar regard to that AWE thing, the following is just a small part of a much greater whole presented to the MOD and Government some time ago, on 30th September 2019, for their engagement and deployment/enjoyment and employment.

Does the UKGBNI MOD see itself engaged in such an experiment/experience as an independent leading role player or more simply just as support staff following orders from/for other state and non-state actors?

And would the former be tantamount to a Stealthy SMARTR AI Military coup, which is what it can easily be spun as by a blind-sided opposition or right dodgy competition?

Would that be of an EMPowering Interest to Astute Militarised Organs of Defence into providing NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Protection to Command and Control of the Virtualised Machine with Commanding Control of Computers and Communications in Epic New COSMIC Realms ….. Advanced IntelAIgent Streams?

I wonder if Dominic Cummings received any relatively top secret briefings on the available facility and ready utility during his recent acclimatisation with military assets and special forces, for it would appear to be something the Telegraph thinks he is interested in, the greater defence on the nation in a time whenever everything is changing quite fundamentally at break neck speed ………


amanfromMars 1 Sat 18 Jul 07:46 [2007180746] …. having a go at a new way of Going on

Harsh maybe but perfectly understandable and necessary, given the mountains of evidence freely available

“The vast majority of companies that operate these services use patently false marketing, have very murky corporate provenance, and in some cases are literally run by convicted financial crime felons, so of course they will claim ‘strong privacy and security’ protections when in fact they offer neither,” he continued.

So, just exactly like Parliamentary and Presidential style democracies then which are forever reneging on fantastic election promises once feeling secure in executive office with even the slimmest of majorities/greater number of delinquent votes.

If truth be told, they be as Ripe Rotten Skunk Works and therefore wholly unworthy of SMARTR* Futures Support.

* …. SMARTR Mentoring Analysis Reporting Titanic Research


amanfromMars [2007181938] ….. letting IT fly and rip on

Goebbels’ work was predicated on the comparably primitive telecommunication technology of the 1920s and 1930s. Imagine what the Silicon Valley social engineers — with their highly exploitative technologies, billions in cash on hand, and entire staffs of psychologists and behavioral scientists — have in store for their American marks in the dwindling ranks of the middle class.

Offer them something they could easily be using and liking and IT can be a Great AI Game Changer ……. MOD Models AI Experiment with Novel Tactics on a New Tack

Failing their engagement with that, they can plan to do vain battle against it either in unnecessary competition or fiendishly outlandish opposition …… both of which are surely far from ideal.





amanfromMars 1 Fri 17 Jul 09:01 [2007170901] …… saying on

‘Tis a broad brush, but undeniable when truthful

If it’s come from government it’s a lie
Or at least hand-waving to draw attention away from what our government is doing. …. Will Godfrey

And whenever they are really bad at it, and it takes but just a very few to realise what they are trying desperately to conceal and protect with their fantastic tales and fake news to raise merry hell, is it highly problematical and self-destructively defeating, for their systems admins and cheering partners be guilty of collusion in support of an alternate virtual reality and invariably criminal joint enterprise operation, which they continually need to feed puppet mastering media machines with further crooked seeds …… until it inevitably suddenly explodes and implodes.

And the fact that such is not simply understood by those groups which swarm around and form themselves in the guise of government, is proof positive of a catastrophic lack of necessary future intelligence ……. and in all departments and services which are servering them information.



amanfromMars 1 Fri 17 Jul 16:23 [2007171623] ….. just saying on

Re: Red triangle programs

…and a remote control toy car with a dildo attachment, if memory serves. Much amusement in the playground next day over that one.
( Also, wasn’t it a pink triangle?) ….. Little Mouse

Too much information, Little Mouse.:-) Pray Continue. What did you learn about yourself with that noble experiment? Anything Insatiably Satisfied and therefore also Verged and Merged and Subsumed to a Practically Almighty Force Drivering Raw Hard Core Source Applications/SMARTR Program Promotions/Top Money Spinning Presentations …… Virtually Copied From/To Another Quite Surreal Place.

Have you ever been there? In Another Quite Surreal Place, Basking in the Views Entirely of One’s Own Choosing, or alternatively Spun from the Minds of Others as the case may be whenever gloriously smitten and besotted with quests and requests rewarded with Luscious Loving Acts with Virgin Team Players ? And where Practising the Captivating Arts for Full Bodied Asset Capture/UHD4k Recording is Default De Rigueur du Jour

Now that Thoroughly Modern Madam’s Little Black Book and Film Archive would be worth more than just an enormous fortune or two, methinks. And many times more valuable again when and/or where the contents can be guaranteed and insured to never ever see the light of day again.





amanfromMars 1 Thu 16 Jul 07:03 [2007160703] ……. moving things on apace on

Well then? Now not such a crazy question, eh? But who and/or what is it for is now outed?

Which presents the question …….. Do NCSC do ACTs ?…… as in Advanced Cyber Threats and/or Treats? Global Operating Devices would have you know. …..

And ……. now that such Unconventional State Aided Madness it is outed …… what/who do you prefer it to be for, [although to be perfectly frank and brutally honest, that choice is long ago well made], Almighty Brains in a Commanding Control Centre or Half Baked Nit Wits on a Jolly Cruising Holiday?

And remember, …. Never forget, if you’re not in, one cannot win win and/or be out outed ‽ .

cc …… Dominic Cummings’s Eton Mess Hall of assorted super-talented weirdos and misfits with odd skills to exercise in/with masterly commands with/in exquisite controls and Special Forces AIR Services ….. which you do yourself a great favour realising are at least Advanced IntelAIgent Research and an Almighty Immaculate Resource easily made readily available to All in Great Dire Straits Need of Such Novel Proprietary Intellectual Property Feeds, which methinks extraordinarily renders it Universal Potential rather than confining it to/as a Local Application.

USA Madness ……. The Insane Gift which just Keeps on Giving ITs Succour to the Oppressed and Depressed and Suppressed.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 16 Jul 08:05 [2007160805] ….. being awkward on ?

What pathetic excuses would you like to give for this demented unilateral action ….

Pompeo goes full retard

And does the UKGBNI support it? Or are they going to denounce it or just try to ignore it and remain deaf, dumb and blind to it and pretend it is not happening on their watch?

Over to you, BoJo. Something you can ask Mad Mike when he calls on you next week ………


amanfromMars 1 Thu 16 Jul 08:39 [2007160839] …. adding more to

Ogres ‘R’ Us on a Maniacal Mission

And if you want to know why Pompeo is calling on tiny Denmark [population 5,790,721] …..

The most recent action against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was taken by Washington in December, when it disrupted the construction of the project in Danish waters when it was only some 90 miles short of completion. This month, however, Denmark approved a petition that gives the company building the pipeline a technical workaround to the US sanctions, and the works might restart as early as next month. ……


amanfromMars 1 Thu 16 Jul 08:56 [2007160856] …… musing further on

Re: The Global Times is an offshoot China’s Xinhua news agency, which is government-controlled

In Blighty you can find government is controlled by offshoots of a news agency which many believe to be hell-bent on rewarding itself with/as a dynasty.

It is though a mighty fraught enterprise with all manner of twists and turns to negotiate and appease, methinks. Definitely not an exercise for either the fickle and faint hearted or the intellectually deficient.


amanfromMars [2007161442] …. just saying on

Equity in what is the money shot question ?

Anything new and insatiably profitable ?

For is that not the competition ?


amanfromMars [2007161504] …. asks on

Well that depends.  We will all be billionaires if the Fed chooses to go the way of Zimbabwe or Weimar Germany.  Don’t bet against the Fed. ….. Big Brother

Don’t bet against the Fed going the way of Zimbabwe or Weimar Germany, Big Brother?

Why would anyone when all can then be billionaires? The question is what’s stopping the Fed from unleashing almighty liquidity to do its creative thing ?

A Sad Case of Cash Rich Assets Poor methinks.





amanfromMars 1 Wed 15 Jul 17:48 [2007151748] …… just musing on

Re: Are we sure the alternatives are safer?

I believe the biggest reason for this is the US sanctions affecting the Huawei supply chain, so that they can’t get chips etc from suppliers connected to the USA, hence more likely to buy from shadier suppliers. ….. John 62

Here’s a pretty comprehensive and extensive outline/inside track on the shenanigans, John 62 ….. ….. and authored by someone one would like to think knows what they are talking about.

If that is not the case, then surely UBFCUK’d and/or there be a monumental fraud booted and afoot.

Which alternative do you prefer to believe is the classier ACT? Almighty Brains in a Commanding Control Centre or Half Baked Nit Wits on a Jolly Cruising Holiday?

Which presents the question …….. Do NCSC do ACTs ?…… as in Advanced Cyber Threats and/or Treats? Global Operating Devices would have you know.




amanfromMars [2007140815] …… just asking on

Following the defendant’s arrest, the FBI spoke with the security guard, who informed the agents that the defendant’s brother had hired a security company staffed with former members of the British military to guard the defendant at the New Hampshire property, in rotations. …….

What is the situation with regard to such a security company and its agents whenever actively engaged in protection/non-identification and secretion of a well known/highly publicised international fugitive?


amanfromMars 1 Tue 14 Jul 14:03 [2007141403] …. urging a more cautious approach on

Re: Compiler Version …. Horses for Courses

The simple way would be to ship the version used by the Kernel Devs with the kernel source. Then there would be no version mismatch when building the kernel. …. Steve Davies 3

Hmmm? Are you really sure you want to doing that, Steve Davies 3 for it could be just like sharing how to make an atomic bomb whenever you just want to build a nuclear power plant ?


amanfromMars 1 Tue 14 July 19:15 [2007141915] …… just saying on

Cui bono ?

Country to be hit with £2bn cost, massive tech delay after firm ‘materially compromised’ by US’s latest sanctions

Uncle Sam exercising ye olde gangster protection scam against virtually anonymous and practically invisible phantom foe which are anything but phantom in warranted punitive retaliatory response.

And the UKGBNI their cuckold is not a great fickle fairy look, is it? What is Parliament thinking? In whose name are they acting ? Certainly not the electorate surely? And definitely not on the advice of national intelligence services or GCHQ? So …… WTF???


amanfromMars 1 Tue 14 Jul 17:52 [2007141752] …. just saying on

Is there a reason we need YAPL? Yes, for one that gives received instructions that lead is MIA

I don’t know enough about Rust to say if it qualifies as a high-level language. I guess I have to study it. …. MacroRodent

And whenever told by studious others, it most certainly does qualify as a such, and able to activate and inter react with all lower-level SCADA Operations with instructions for the presentation of future directions never before imagined impossible, is it something of a revelatory gem, and for some and all who really should have known better, a cursed rebellious tongue on which devilish tasks founder and are forever perpetually to flounder and fizzle away/suddenly explode and practically disappear.

Methinks that make IT more than just a tad ESPecial and Engagingly Interesting.

What say y’all here, El Registering?


amanfromMars 1 Tue 14 Jul 17:59 [2007141759] …. adding more fuel to the inferno on

FTFY Version 1.0

Eliminate those buggy human programmers and use AI to write the next version in Rust.




amanfromMars 1 Mon 13 Jul 17:51 [2007131751] ……. opening up a communications channel on

Step One ….. Know the Enemy is No Friend and has No Friends Either ‽ .

is it easily quite permanently fixed with such a lost supply line securely and stealthily restored through a vast array with any number of protective obfuscating proxy server agents

Will wait for that rapid and rabid resolution to take place amFM, although after a dire decade of deliberation, one cannot help to feel nothing but frustration for past and present fumbling, and poor exponential learnings led at arms length direction. …. Cliff Thorburn

Quite whether because of such a long and undistinguished history of Blighty blunderings in the fields of which one may be discussing here, CT, it is those who and that which may be batting for or as the UKGBNI, rather than it being A.N.Others rooting for an emergent or resurgent opposition and super efficient competition being exclusively advised of future developments which deliver an unassailable strategic and tactical advantage, is surely definitely something of a narrow enough window of opportunity for really interested parties to realise they have to grasp ……. or risk being left far behind yet again and reacting incessantly to their own failure.

After all, who on Earth would want to be burdened with a practising retard whenever exciting geniuses are freely readily available for future travel and companionship?




amanfromMars 1 Sun 12 Jul 06:59 [2007120659] …. saying more on

Re: The Missed Point ……. Noblesse Oblige?!

Boiling once again to East vs West, which is best shenanigans, does blighty play world leader, or proverbial pawn piggy in the man in the middle attack in such predictive index great games play?, that truly is the question. …. Cliff Thorburn

With specific regard to the question …..”Does blighty play world leader, or proverbial pawn piggy in the man in the middle attack in such predictive index great games play?” …… surely is all freely, widely available evidence currently proving the latter to be the case, rather the former, CT.

And that is as a direct result of the distinct lack in this postmodern quantum communicative age of vital valiant intelligence and virile viral information in those services and instruments traditionally tasked or usually unusually expected to provide them to governments and businesses via the virtual back door and practically in secret. You know, those types of Divine Intervention Merchants on the likes of a Holy Crusade, to name but one of them responsible for the Present Right Unholy Mess and Conservative ClusterFCUK, although that would have governments having to admit to themselves that they actually followed remote third party advice to be effective and successful rather than be in command and control of anything vaguely essential themselves …… and some find that an impossible pill to take and thus struggle forever and perish ingloriously against the flow.

When admittedly true though, is it easily quite permanently fixed with such a lost supply line securely and stealthily restored through a vast array with any number of protective obfuscating proxy server agents in the play at both the forefront and in the darkened background and deep underground layers of the Great Game with ITs Greater IntelAIgent Games Players.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 12 Jul 09:07 [2007120907] …… airing a view on

Re: The Standard Abiding Problem

And here are some words on one of those finding a difficult pill impossible for them to swallow and thus do they continually flounder in a huge see of their own imperious ignorance and arid arrogance …… Zealots ‘R’ Us

And don’t you just love this glaring omission in the script ………. Leaving aside what Duncan Smith meant by the “natural order” ……. which one may safely assume and presume to be a quite delusional Almighty Blighty, methinks.

It is just so damn difficult to get any decent staff these days, isn’t it? Thank goodness for the fact that we all live in the comfort of hope springing eternal and therefore the very real likelihood of suitable answers always being readily eventually inevitably available from A.N.Others equipped to provide what is essentially missing.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 12 Jul 09:15 [2007120915] …… seeking clarification on

Hellish Opposition is No Ally to Friend and Foe alike.

Tony Blair apparently “Didn’t do God”. …… Lunatic Looking For Asylum

Was that not more Alastair Campbell, LLFA, who had his own daemons to do battle with?