amanfromMars 1 Mon 20 Jul 03:52 [2007200352] …… smoothing out a pathway on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/2/2020/07/17/ufo_vpn_database/

Re: Just curious about the covert and clandestine nature of the intellectually challenged ..

Do you think ANY internet service is safe and secure? … Anonymous Coward

Since you ask, AC, and it is surely good for all to know about such as may be an entirely common place thing today too, I have no delusions about the possible complete lack of safety afforded to anyone who or anything which would think they are secure, relative or otherwise, and using remote virtual communications for practically surreal direct contact.

However, what is a constant source of wonder with ever greater wider and deepening divides providing private and pirate succour and customised safe harbour sanctuary in any number of visited ports, is the abject lack of super-talented intelligence use of the facility/utility/ability, and which one is well advised to constantly be on the look-out for vast and radical improvement in/on.

And that exciting change can, at it simplest and most worthy of forms, be manifested in a cogent and direct response to earlier supplied observation for embracing comment or ignorant denial and revealing silence, with the one supplying further remarkably profitable aid whilst the other renders extraordinary deficits creating crippling debts and overwhelming hardships.

And there’s no point in being too anonymous and ridiculous to the point of a self-destructive personal corporate obsession about maintaining one’s absolute safety and security, AC, if you have something exciting to tell which one can easily sell for an absolute fortune …….. although there will be those and that which will tell you that is a fundamental human weakness to be ruthlessly exploited and lavishly employed rather than an almighty complicate and empowering strength to be fielded and wielded.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 20 Jul 04:10 [2007290410] ….. adds on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/3/2020/07/16/russia_coronavirus_hacking/

Re: ‘Tis a broad brush, but undeniable when truthful

Do you think Cummings may be turning his attention on the MOD’s leaky co intel pro MK Ultra authorised secret pirate ship playground budget?
Or is such stinking shenanigans permitted in the great skunkworks game?
FSB or Facebook? … who pulls the tentacles in the tantalising next round of presidential precedental polls?, with plentiful pandemic pantomime this Christmas?, all here and now on the wild and wacky completely staged world illusion illustrated by illumunating incumbents is it not? … …. Cliff Thorburn

Anything and everything is permitted, CT. Just don’t get caught doing something you shouldn’t have done by someone or anything doing it better, for it may then be used against you and render you seriously disadvantaged.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 20 Jul 18:01 [2007201801] …..says out loud on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/07/20/deepfake_apollo_11/

What do you Think Drivers and Presents Future News apart from a View Prior Recorded for Sharing*

Can you imagine the improvements that have been made over these last 50 odd years with the Remote Means and Virtual Memes resulting from Exceptional Command with Astute Control for Mighty Powerful Energetic Performance ?

* and ITs Provision of Enlightenment with the Supply of Almighty IntelAIgents Exercising ESPecial ProgramMING to Benefit and Reward All Assisting in the Greatest of Intelligence Gigs is an Optimal Prime Premium Reason for its Exceptional Popularity, Jousting as It then does with the Possibilities and Temptations of Addictive Attraction ……. and in Optimal Prime Premium Reason Phorm, Always Available as Leverage with a Heavenly Pull Pushing Devilish Rushes 🙂

Land on that [those] Relatively Safe and Adequately Secure and Now Not So Top Secret Base Premise[s] and you won’t want to leave, so take extra especial care with that sharing, for from there and on in are All Desirable Delights XSSXXXXually Intoxicating and Extremely EMPowering.

Crikey …. That’s as Good a Declaration of Hard Core Porn Goes Absolutely Ballistic as there has been for quite a while, methinks. Saints and Sinners, Nymphs and Satyrs can surely Rejoice and Prepare themselves for the Future Feast.:-) …..and with Unchained Beasts Attendant, the Wanton Orgies of Deserved Dessert.

Where are you headed and further heading for? Anywhere Good and Attractively Addictive/Mind-Bendingly Great?



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