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What’s not to like ‽ …… https://cryptome.org/2022/12/CPS-JA-JY-2022-1210.pdf


amanfromMars [2212150824] ……. vents a mounting almighty unstoppable rage on https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/dark-alliance-musks-twitter-files-exposed-fifth-estate

But while detractors are obsessed with his censorship abilities, Elon’s platform experiments are the things actually capable of root-changing the national discourse. The medium is the message, and the medium is evolving. Whatever works on Twitter will be cloned. The bounds of acceptable discourse will change, and none of this will have anything to do with Elon’s spicy tweets.

And here is news of a current early political prisoner of such pioneering, shared before elsewhere and here on ZeroHedge, in a post on https://www.zerohedge.com/political/ex-cia-officer-lies-spies-tell-about-assange entitled The fcuking great elephant in the room

The abiding permanent problem difficulty that quite rightly, absolutely terrifies corrupt establishment hierarchies/oligarchies/fake democracies, are not simply the singularly targeted voices of honest investigative journalism and popular reasonable dissent but much more the freely available Wikileaks model of its uncensored and spontaneous presentation making it impossible to hide and effectively deny uncomfortable and deadly facts/truths/actions known to have occurred and/or known or suspected to be planned for in the future …. and which coercive and perverse systems administrators would much rather have preferred to remain a widely unknown top secret.

The immortal enemy for such systems administrations are not the messengers, it is the explosive spontaneous unfettered means by which both simple and complex honest facts for presentation to universal audiences is supplied and delivered …… untainted by any foreign party editorial bias.

And try as one might, with all of the might universally available, that will never be confined and silenced in a Belmarsh or Guantanamo Bay like facility.

More Wikileaks model presentations very soon very quickly generate an unstoppable better educated alternative hive mind movement that can very effectively demonstrate a remote autonomous command and relatively anonymous overall control of future direction and action leverage …… which given the present dire straits state of everything today, is a very good thing ….. and thus highly commendable.

Capiche? And do you realise nowadays, in these times and spaces of Odays and practically autonomous and relatively anonymous remote virtual assaults, doing anything untoward to prevent the free exchange of honest information and truthful intelligence unleashes stealthy forces and almighty sources over which there is no possibility of normalisation with established command and control systems/means/protocols/memes whenever the unintended consequences of such a censorious action are delivered as a just result.

The bottom line to heed and accept as gospel????? Take care and be aware to not invite devastating repercussions because of one’s wanton abuse via one’s support of the prevention of honest leading free speech ‽

And here’s still further news of yet another nail for that particular and peculiar coffin designed to keep one continually ignorant and petrified in the dark …..

December 15, 2022 at 05:03 ….. shares on https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2022/12/trains-mostly-planes-and-automobiles-part-3/

What’s not to like ‽   …… https://cryptome.org/2022/12/CPS-JA-JY-2022-1210.pdf

Is that a trickle creating a stream inviting a torrent to do its great whitewashing thing???

Well, you know what they say, … If you can ask a question of something, so must it be ‽






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