amanfromMars [2209241735] ……. has a say on https://sluggerotoole.com/2022/09/23/the-uk-chancellor-delivers-a-budget-for-the-rich/

Although the following was written elsewhere and is specifically referring to the Federal Reserve and the US, the antics of the Bank of England and the Conservative Party [which in a nation of 68,672,682 has a membership of only 200,00 and is therefore only 0.29% of the population] is similarly, equalling appalling. It does make one wonder why on Earth such is tolerated whenever politics so easily proves itself such an ass.

They know exactly what they are doing. The “experts” that run the Federal Reserve know that if they dramatically hike interest rates it will cause countless American workers to lose their jobs and it will absolutely crush the housing market. And even though those two things are already starting to happen, they just announced another massive rate hike. If there was a school for central bankers, one of the very first things that they would teach you is that you should never, ever raise rates as an economy is plunging into a recession. Every Fed official knows what has happened in the past when rates have been hiked at the beginning of an economic slowdown, but they are doing it anyway. To call this “economic malpractice” would be a major understatement, and the American people should be deeply alarmed about what they are doing to us. ….. https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/have-they-gone-completely-mad-they-know-they-are-killing-economy-they-are-doing-it-anyway


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