amanfromMars [2209211636] ……. airs a clear view further afield on https://sluggerotoole.com/2022/09/21/putin-announces-partial-mobilisation-of-russia-and-threatens-nuclear-retaliation/

The following [which is posted elsewhere in reply to something else] is equally applicable to the UK in reply to the Slugger post here, and it is impossible to successfully deny and proclaim it is not obviously true … but as I’m sure we will discover here, that will not stop more than just a few trying and being disagreeable.

Unfortunately there’s not much one can do about such folk … other than try to make them comfortable in their ghettos of delusional ignorance which in extremis, as The Troubles proved so well in the recent past, borders on paranoid schizophrenia, episodic psychosis and periodic madness. You know it makes sense, for how else would one explain those situations.

Using Ukraine as a proxy for US engagement in yet another foreign military operation delivering horrendous debt and compounding interest obligations onto sucker nations and institutions/peoples and businesses is not an attractive sustainable modus operandi/vivendi for the Western capitalist system.

Indeed, such surely heralds its inevitable popular demise if one be brave enough to tell the honest gospel truth …. and even whenever such a revelation is studiously ignored, does it always remain to be ruthlessly exploited and expanded upon by all those designedly disadvantaged and mercilessly coerced.

Therefore the wisdom of continuing to exercise such a path/policy is exposed as being counter-productive and eventually, increasingly rapidly self-destructive.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 22 Sep 04:40 [2209220440] ….. shares on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/09/21/judge_reduces_spectrum_murder_damages/

Law and Order Gangsta Style

Is that what they call justice in the US? Holy smoke! That’s just plain batshit crazy!


amanfromMars [2209220642] ……. points out a burgeoning difficulty on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/should-we-be-worried-about-next-digital-apocalypse

The digital revolution happened within a single lifetime, and we find ourselves in the difficult position of wanting to embrace technology without ending up imprisoned by it.

‘Tis a great pity, which is now resulting in rapidly increasing levels of global panic and terror, such wise caution was not exercised by the Federal Reserve fractional reserve capitalist for profit and interest payments system before it captured and imprisoned nations with their impoverishing remote command and control instructions/targetted rate pronouncements.

In such circumstances as raise the spectres of depression and recession, stagflation and public unrest and popular revolution, to raise interest rates which cause real universal pain will certainly raise interest rates in the future viability of a system and leadership which has so catastrophically failed to provide peace and prosperity to those who provide it with everything they need to succeed.

Should We Be Worried About The Next (Digital) Apocalypse?

Certainly yes is the correct answer for a worthy chosen few who quite rightly many would say should be actually terrified of the consequences of their support for actions in retaining and maintaining and promoting a private pirate enterprise supplying fleeting excessive digital wealth to a megalomanic few as an essential public good service.



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